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1100s  Foundations of St Vigeans Kirk are laid.

1100s  Kinblethmont's earlist known owner is Richard de Melville.

1100  (approx)  Possible dating for the 'Arbirlot Stone'.


A little southward of the hilltop of Cairnconon (near the northern edge of the modern West Grange Farm), says local tradition, stands Castle Gory, or Gregory, the owner by that name slain in battle in the Parish of Monifieth, his grave being at Cairn-Greg, near Linlathen.


1143  William (the Lion) is born.

1165  William the Lion becomes king.

1170  (Dec 29)  Archbishop Thomas a Becket is slain at the alter of his own Church of Canterbury.

1173  Archbishop Thomas a Becket is canonized.

1178 (or earlier)  The written record ( the Chartulary ) by the Monks of Aberbrothoc Abbey, will maintain that at, or previous to the founding of the Abbey, the estate of Conon belongs to a Chief known as Dufsyth (a Gaelic name).

1178  Arbroath Abbey, dedicated to Thomas a Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury murdered at the instigation of Henry the 2nd is founded by William the Lion. Endowments include the income from 24 parishes, a toft of land in every royal burgh, lands, fisheries, salt pans, ferries & Aberbrothoc itself. His charter also announces that it grants the Abbey freedom to found a burgh, to havea harbour & to hold a weekly market. It is placed in the care of Tironesian Benedictine monks relocated from Kelso Abbey. King John of England grants the Abbey the privilege of buying & selling goods anywhere in England, except London, toll free. A single long street (eventually High St.) leads from the shore up to the new Abbey & the 'Shire of Aberbrothoc' encompasses the Abbey lands & land around the Brothock Burn to the sea. Aberbrothoc & Dunfermline Abbeys will be the richest in Scotland.  

1178  Reginald becomes the first Abbot of Arbroath Abbey.

1179 (-1207) Henry is 2nd Abbot.

1180  Matthew, son of Dufsyth, is witness to Ingelram de Baliol's confirmation of the Church of Inverkeillor.

1183  Around this date, King William the Lion grants the schyres (shires) of Aberbrothoc, Athyn, Dunnechtyn, Kyngoldrum & the lands of Ethie to the Abbey.

11** ('late 12th century') Red Castle, overlooking Lunan Bay, is built on orders of Wm the Lion.

1190 (approx)  Laurence of Abernethy grants the Church of Abernethy to the Abbey.

1194  A wooden pier exists at Arbroath.














1194  Wm the Lion confers Red Castle & land round Inverkeilor to Walter de Berkely, the royal chamberlain.


1197  The Abbey is consecrated.



Seal of

Wm the Lion

1100 - 1199

Red Castle, courtesy of Steve Perks

Looking over Kinblethmont towards Inverkeilor & Lunan Bay - the land as it is today

William 'the Lion'

Global 1100-1199

Aber brothoc : The mouth of the boiling stream

St Vigeans Kirk

  During the 1100s & 1200s, new territorial divisions named schyres ( shires ) are introduced into all lowland Scotand