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1220 - Haltwhistle

Holy Cross Church is built

1200  The Abbot's House dates from around this time, although the part nearest

Abbey Street is late medieval.


1201  Earl Gillechrist, the first Earl of Angus, gives the 'chapels, lands, tithes,

common pasturage, aisements & all the pertinants belonging to the Church of

Kerimor (Kirriemuir)' to Arbroath Abbey.


1204  John Abbe (of what is now Edzell) grants the Abbots of Aberbrothock the right

to cut & burn charcoal in their wood of 'Edale'.

1204/6  The Abbey receives a charter of privileges from King John of England.


1207  End of Henry's abbacy.


1208  Philip de Mubray is given a grant to build an Oratory or Chapel within the court of his house at ' Kellyn ' - probably where the later Kellie Castle will be erected.

1208  (-1225) Gilbert is 3rd Abbot.


Muniekken (Monikie) is the first parish alluded to ( 'late in William's reign' ) under that title in the Chartulary of Arbroath. ( No reference to parishes in Scotland has been found earlier than 843 AD )


1211  Wm. the Lion places the 'Brecbennoch of St Columba' (now known as the 'Moneymusk Reliquary') in the care of the Abbey's Benedictine Monks on condition it be paraded before the Scots Army prior to battle.


1214 (approx)  Roger of Balcathie & Nicholas of Wartria (two witnesses of a grant) are described as 'Provosts'

(= bailies ?) of Arbroath. From this date to about 1646 no one else appears to be given this title.

1214 (Dec 4) William the Lion dies and is buried (Dec 9) within the Abbey before the high altar.

1214  John de Morham ( the Morhams have possessed the lands of Panbride during King William

th Lion's reign ) confirms the royal grant of the Church of Panbride to the Abbey, as does in time

his brother & successor Adam. This family name will not again appear in the Chartulary record.


'Early 13th Cen'  St Vigeans Kirk's south wall is rebuilt. The east & west gables

are heightened & extended.


1219  The King 'enjoys a perambulation from Arbroath to Kinblethmont'.

1219  Matthew, son of Matthew (see 1180) & grandson of Dufsyth is 'one of the perambulators

of the marches of Kinblethmont.


1220  (approx)  Haltwhistle Holy Cross Church, Northumbria, is built under

the direction of the Abbots of Arbroath Abbey & their master builder.


1223  (Dec 6)  The lands of Conon are granted to the Abbey by King Alexander 11.


1225 (-1239) Randulphus de Lamley is 4th Abbot.


1227 (prior to) The lands of Kinblethmont seem to have come into the hands of Gwarynus de Cupa.


1229  (Mar 4, Apr 24)  King Alexander 11 resides at Barry whilst granting charters on these dates.


1233 (Mar 15)  Arbroath Abbey is consecrated on it's completion.


1237  The Scottish border is fixed (amicably !) by agreement between Scotland's Alexander 11 & England's Henry 111, the line to follow the rivers Esk & Liddell, the Cheviot Hills and the River Tweed.


1239  End of Randulph's abbacy.


1240 (-1246) Adam is 5th Abbot.


1242  St Vigeans kirk is dedicated to the saint by Bishop David de Bernhame.

1242  (appr)  John Comin is Earl of Angus. He will die in France, his widow marrying Sir Gilbert Umfranvill (Umfraville), an Anglo-Norman, to whom the Earldom of Angus passes..


1244 (or 1245) (Mar 7)  King Alexander 11 grants a charter whilst at Aberbrothoc. His gifts to the Abbey are liberal, whereas his son, Alexander 111, will not make a single grant in it's favour.


1246  End of Adam's abbacy.


1247 (-1258) Walter is 6th Abbot.


1250  ( ?)  Spedalfield ( later Hospitalfield) is founded as the Hospital of St John the Baptist, a plague & leprosy hospice.  Foundations of what is probably the adjacent Chapel of St John will be excavated in 1861 & 1888. Between the two buildings, 100 - 120 interred human skeletons will also be discovered. Angus SMR note that this building was ' first mentioned in 1352 ' .


1258  End of Walter's abbacy.


1261 (-1267)  Robert is 7th Abbot.


1263  Philip of Meldrum & his wife Agnes Comyn are in dispute with Arbroath Abbey over the patronage of the church of Bethelnie which had been given to the Abbey by Earl William Comyn.


1267  Abbot Robert is 'shamefully expelled'. Sabinus becomes 8th Abbot.


1268 (-1270)  John is 9th Abbot.


1270 (-1275)  Adam of Inverlunan is 10th Abbot.


1272  During the rule of Abbot Adam of Inverlunan, a lightning storm destroys the north tower & it's bells.


1276 (-1284)  William is 11th Abbot.


1283  Welandus de Seynclau is lord of ' Kynblatmund '  ( Kinblethmont ).


1284  The Abbot of Arbroath grants the Letham lands to Hugo Heem.

1284  (Dec) Abbot William is translated to Dunkeld.


1285 (-1296)  Henry is 12th Abbot.


1286  (Oct 14)  Return by the Abbot of Aberbrothoc to the Commission of the Guardians of Scotland, respecting certain Pasture-land in Panmure.


1288  (to approx 1563)  Arbroath Regality Registers  (the Arbroath Abbey Books) exist covering this period. Three volumes, written by the monks on sheepskin, are kept in Angus, while a fourth will later be found within the British Museum.


1290  (Oct) Pope Nicholas IV is obliged to investigate the alleged abuses Abbot Henry inflicts on his monks.


1296 End of Henry's abbacy, although he is entrusted by John Balliol to advise Edward 1st of his refusal to follow him to France.

1296  (Aug)  Edward arrives in Arbroath on his triumphal return from the north of Scotland.

1296  Edward 1 of England takes the Stone of Destiny from Scone to Westminster Abbey. It will remain there until December 1950 at which point it will disappear for about 4 months. Arbroath Abbey will hold it fleetingly in 1951, but that apart, Scotland will not have it returned to her until it is placed in Edinburgh Castle in 1996......on loan.


1299 (-1301)  Nicholas is 13th Abbot.


In the 1200s a gradual renaming of Gadhlig places names by Saxon equivalents seem to occur in lowland Angus.

In 1219 the Marches of Kinblethmont are described in Gadhlig, whereas by around 1300 the Marches of Dunnichen include Saxon names.


1200 - 1299


The Stone Of Destiny


Arbroath Abbey

is now complete


1211 - The Brecbennoch of

St Columba (the Moneymusk Reliquary), probably made in the 8th century, comes

to Arbroath

1288 - The 'Arbroath regality Registers ' i.e. the Arbroath Abbey Books' are in existence from this date until about 1563

Global 1200-1299

The music is from

'The Martyrdom

of St Thomas

' the unfinished vespers,

subvenite '

performed by

'Schola Gregoriana'

of Cambridge

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