1300  Ethie Castle is built by the Abbot & monks of Arbroath Abbey.

1303 (-1309)  John of Angus is 14th Abbot.

1307  Bernard becomes Chancellor of Scotland.

1309  John of Angus is removed from office by Wm. Lamberton, the patriotic Bishop of St Andrews, 'probably because of pro-English activities'.

1310 (-1328) Bernard is 15th Abbot of Aberbrothock Abbey. 'Under him the Abbey achieves it's greatest prosperity & he executes many repairs at considerable expense. Robert Bruce frequently resides there & during his patriotic efforts to free his country from English domination it often witnesses the gathering of councils & parliaments within it's walls. Bernard is most likely the Abbot of Arbroath whom Robert Bruce sends to Norway on state affairs, probably in connection with the negotiations which end in the Treaty of Inverness in 1312'.  (Manx Chronicles)

1314  (Jun 24)  The Battle of Bannockburn. Bernard  is present, bearing the Moneymusk Reliquary.

1315  King Robert 1 grants four marks annually from the revenues of Kinghorn 'for the provision of maintained lights around the tomb of King William the Lion' in Arbroath.

1320 (Jan 8)  Pope John XX11, following last autumn's renewed excommunication of Robert Bruce & his friends, cites Bruce & the Bishops of Dunkeld, St Andrews, Aberdeen & Moray to appear before him by the first of May. He does not address Bruce as 'King' & the summons goes unheeded.

1320  (Apr 6)  The Declaration of Arbroath, probably drafted by Abbot Bernard who is also Chancellor of Scotland, is signed by Robert the Bruce, 8 Earls & 21 Barons of Scotland in a chamber above the Abbey Pend. It is dispatched in the care of Sir Adam of Gordon to Pope John XX11 in Avignon (the seat of the Pope between 1305 and 1375).


















1320 (Aug 28) Pope John XX11 replies to the Declaration of Arbroath.


1324  The Pope addresses Robert the Bruce as 'King'.


1325  Spedalfield is the name of the area containing the isolation hospital of the Abbey, founded as the Hospital of St John. In later centuries it will be known as Hospitalfield.


1328 (Mar 17)  At the Treaty of Northampton, Edward 111, the English King, renounces all claims to Scotland, and recognises Scottish independence.

1328  Robert the Bruce gives Red Castle to the Earl of Ross.


1329 (-1347)  Geoffrey is 16th Abbot.


1330 (Aug 25)  Sir James Douglas, one of the Declaration's signatories, dies in battle at Teba, Andalucia. Click here:


1331  Marketgate is first mentioned when the Abbey grants feus on land there.

1331  Bernard, who in his final years has held the Bishopric of the Isles, dies & is buried at Kilwinning where he had earlier connections.


1348 (-1366)  William becomes 17th Abbot. A burgess of Dundee is obliged to kneel before William in apology for exacting a one penny toll from an Arbroath monk.


1350  Arbroath Abbey is badly damaged 'almost beyond repair' by English sea raiders.


1359  King David 11 has to remind his collectors of customs that duties on cargoes coming into Arbroath harbour are payable to the Abbot.


1366  William is still Abbot.


1370 (-1384)  John  is 18th Abbot.


1372  The Friary in Inverness is attacked by the Abbot of Arbroath's men.


1380  The nave, transepts & choir roof wrecked by a great fire - repairs take 16 years.

1380 ('the 3rd year of Richard 11's reign')  Up until this time the Earls of

Angus are summoned to the Parliaments in England under that title.


1381  The Umfraville line, who had held the Earldom of Angus, expires.


1384 (-1410)  John Gedy is 19th Abbot.


1389  King Robert ll grants the Earldom of Angus to the Douglas family.


1394  'The Abbot's harbour', (Arbroath's first), is constructed at Danger Point, subscribed to by the townsfolk & Abbot John Gedy. It is described as 'a simple shielding curved wooden structure' & 'a wooden pier resting upon an embankment of boulders'. Despite it's fragility, necessitating many repairs (e.g. 1609 and 1654), a harbour pier, curving SW from Danger Point will exist at this location until destroyed in 1706 although the foundation of large boulders will remain in the line of the original pier until the formation of the new harbour between 1839 and 1842 (see 1752 map above).


1396 (June) Pope Benedict XX11 bestows privilege on Arbroath Abbots of wearing mitre, ring etc as was customary of bishops.


In the late 1300s surnames are beginning to be used, i.e. without the intervening 'de' (of) or 'filius' (son of) and the habit will rapidly prevail from now on.


1300 - 1399

The Declaration signing of 1320 is re-enacted (April 6 2006)

Global 1300-1399 4511889617_338x278.jpg

...for, as long as but a hundred of us remain alive, never will we on any

conditions be brought under English rule. It is in truth not for glory,





nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom

for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself.

The Pope's reply Full English translation Old Harbour remains 1752-3

This, the earliest Arbroath street map

(dating from 1752), shows the remains of the old harbour (right), Brothock Burn (above) flowing directly into the sea.