The 1822 Map : Streets A-Z

These are all the named streets shown on John Wood's town plan of 1822 (based on a survey of that year)

Abbey Path

Applegate                            (connected High Street to Graves End)

Back Abbey Street             (now East Abbey Street)

Baker's Wynd                     (connected Back & Fore Abbey Streets)

Bog, The                              (now Grant Road)

Brake's Wynd                     (now Church Street)

Brechin & Forfar Road      (now Keptie Road)

Brechin Old Road               (approx where Brechin Road is now)

Bridge Street (1)               (connected to Panmure St & Lord Burn)

Bridge Street (2)               (now Ladybridge Street)

Cairnie Street

Catherine Street               (approx where Addison Place/Jamieson Street are)

Dishland Town                   (now Dishlandtown Street)

East Mill Wynd                  (now incorporated in Dens Industrial Estate)

East Wynd                         (now Seagate)

Fergus Street                    (approx where Russell Street is now)

Fore Abbey Street             (now West Abbey Street)

Glovers Street                   (ran between Millgate Loan & Lady Loan)

Graves End

Green Street (1)               (approx where Lochlands Street is now)

Green Street (2)               (approx where Gowan Street is now)

Guthrie Port

Hamilton Green

Hannah Street                   (connected Sichars & Glovers Street - a fraction only remains)

Helen Street                      (not today's Helen St, but approx on the line of current St Mary St)

High Street

Hill Street

Horners Wynd                   (now Commerce Street)

Hume Street

James Street

Keptie Street

Kirk Wynd                          (now Kirk Square)


Lady Loan                           (ran between the harbour & the Dundee Road where Millgate Loan joined.

Lillie's Wynd                       (ran between Guthrie Port & The Bog)

Lindsay Street

Long Row                           (Cul-de-sac off Guthrie Port)

Lord Burn


Mary Street (1)                (where Helen Street is now)

Mary Street (2)                (ran between Millgate Loan & Lady Loan)


Millgate Loan

Millhead                             (approx where Brothock Mill Place is now)

North Grimsby                  (connected East & West Grimsbys)

Old Fisher Road                (a continuation of the Boulzie Hill path)

Old Shore Head

Pleasance                          (approx where Addison Place is now)

Provost Wynd                   (now Allan Street)

School Hill

Shambles Bridge              (where Brothock Bridge is now)


Sichars                              (approx where East Mary Street is now)

Smithy Croft                     (linked the north end of Lillie's Wynd with Town Head)

South Grimsby                  (linked Sichars with East Grimsby)


Stobcross Toll Bridge       (crossed the Brothock where Guthrie Port crosses it now)

Town Head                         (now North Port & Barngreen)

West Grimsby                   (linked West Port to the junction of Lady Loan & Shore at the harbour)

West Mill Wynd                (where the Town Mission now stands)

West Port

Some names, not indicating streets, but familiar as such in later times, are included in the 1822 town plan : Barber's Croft, Barngreen, Culloden, Dickfield, Fisheracre, Hayshead, Hillend, Lochlands, Newgate, North Port, Ponderlaw Field,

Springfield, Ward Dykes, Wardmill & Wareslap.

The 1822 map includes a few, probably new, unnamed streets,

e.g. Cross Mill Wynd. Russell Street & Fergus Square.