The 1859 Map : Streets A - Z

These are all the named streets from a survey of 1859, the detail engraved 1863 & the map (scale 1:500) published July 1864

Abbey Path

Abbey Street

Academy Lane

Academy Street

Allan Street

Anderson Street

Ann Street


Baker's Wynd

Bank Street


Bog Lane

Brechin Road

Bridge Street

Brothock Bridge

Brothock Street

Burnside Place  (a)

Cairnie Street

Catherine Street

Chalmers Street

Church Street

Colvill Street

Croall's Wynd  (b)

Cross Mill Wynd

Dickfield Street

Dishlandtown Street

Doig's Vennel  (c)  

East Abbey Street

East Grimsby

East Mary Street

East Mill Wynd

East Newgate Street

Elgin Place  (d)

Fergus Square

Fergus Street

Garden Street

Glover Street

Gowan Street


Green Street

Guthriehill  (e)

Guthrie Port

Hamilton Green

Hannah Street

Hay's Lane

High Street

Hill Place

Hill Terrace

Hill Street

Hope Street

Horner's Wynd  (f)

Hume Street

James Street

Jamieson Street

John Street

Keptie Street

Kyd Street

Lady Bridge

Ladybridge Street

Lady Loan

Lillies Wynd

Lindsay Street

Lochlands Street

Long Row  (g)



Market Place

Maule Street

Mill Road

Millgate Loan

Montrose Road

Murray Place

Nolt Loans

North Grimsby

North Newgate Street  (h)

North Port

Ogilvie Place

Old Shore Head

Orchard Street

Panmure Street

Park Street

Ponderlaw Lane

Ponderlaw Street

Provost's Close  (i)

Robert Street

Rope Walk  (j)

Rossie Street

St. Mary's Street

St. Thomas Street

School Wynd


Shore, The

Smithy Croft

South Grimsby

Spink Street

Springfield Terrace


Stobcross Lane  (k)

Union Street

Wallace Street  (l)

Wardmill Road


West Abbey Street

West Grimsby

West Keptie Street

West Mary Street

West Mill Wynd

West Newgate Street

West Port

N. L. S.


NOTES : (a) Burnside Place is named as the NW side of Baker's Wynd.

              (b) Croall's Wynd branches off Applegate towards, but not meeting, Provost's Close.

              (c) Doig's Vennel branches off Barngreen towards, but not meeting, Bog Lane.

              (d) Elgin Place perhaps is entered from High Street, opposite & just north of Kirk Wynd.

              (e) Guthriehill runs NE from Ward Mill Road.

              (f)  Horner's Wynd will be renamed Commerce Street in 1860.

              (g) Long Row runs SW from Guthrie Port almost opposite Lillies Wynd.

              (h) North Newgate Street will become East Union Street (which will become Union Street East).

              (i)  Provost's Close runs from Gravesend to the rear of the Star Inn on High Street. It is shown, but unnamed, on the 1901 map.

              (j)  Rope Walk runs parallel to & just west of Lochlands Street.

              (k) Stobcross Lane branches westward off the south side of Guthrie Port & connects with the north end of Orchard Street.

              (l)  Wallace Street is shown apparently incomplete, a N end joining Millgate Loan & a S end joining Lady Loan. It will be complete on the                         1901 map.