1930  Johnstone's Grand Emporium stands at the corner of James St & High St.

1930  (Jun)  A bathing station is built at West Links. Having a dome & 7 pillers, it becomes known as the 'Taj Mahal'.

1930  Frank F. Pearson is this year's Champion at Arbroath Bowling Club.

1930  (Dec 25)  The 'Picture House' cinema (formerly the Arbroath Cinema) opens in High St. (It will close in 1974).


1931  The population (a fall from 1921) is 17,653.

1931  Almerlieclose House is demolished.

1931  The construction of steps leading from Victoria Park to the imminent Springfield Park is completed.

1931  David Grieg, saddler at 155 High Street from perhaps the 1860s until 1914, dies.

1931  Thomas Rea is born in Arbroath. He will become Alderman in Godalming, Surrey.

1931 (Oct 8)  William (Bill) Dallas Fyfe Brown is born in Arbroath. Starting his career with

Carnoustie Panmure FC and Arbroath FC,  he will become goalkeeper for Dundee (1949-59)

playing in the '58 World Cup. He is with Tottenham Hotspur ('59-'66) & Northampton FC

('59-'67) being capped for Scotland during the '50s & '60s a total of 28 times. He plays for the

Toronto Falcons after emigrating in 1967 to Canada where he will die on 1st Dec 2004 aged 73.

1931  Arbroath Golf Course is redesigned by 5 times Open winner James Braid.


1932  The High School's west wing is added.

1932  A new Lifeboat boathouse & slipway are built on the south side of the harbour for Arbroath's first motorised Lifeboat, 'The John & William Mudie' which is launched on Mar 31st. The Duchess of York names the new vessel, and an 'ABC Presents' black & white film, duration just under 5 mins, records the event. The film is later recovered from the Palace Cinema..

1932 (Jul 1)  Following the demolition of Springfield House earlier this year, Springfield Park is opened to the public.

1932 (-1935)  George May, owner of Cargill's Hairdressing Salon, produces silent black & white films of his family's holiday activities, the films now held by the National Library of Scotland. See 1991.

1932  The Rt. Hon. the first Earl of Inchcape (Jas. Lyle McKay) dies aboard his yacht 'Rover' in Monte Carlo.

1932 (Dec 2)  The North Sea Hotel opens on Millgate Loan.


1933 (approx)  Seaforth Estate is aquired by the Town Council to allow the construction of an open air bathing pool.  A syndicate of local businessmen (John Lamb, George Carnegie Soutar, Andrew Macrae Wilson & J D MacDougall, together with J C Pert from Montrose), buy Seaforth House from the Council.

1933 (May 30)  The White Hart Hotel (corner of High St. & Kirk Square) is sold to F.W. Woolworth & the shop opens on Sept. 30. Frank W. Woolworth had opened his first store in the USA in 1879. During the hotel's existence, it has welcomed through it's doors Dr. Johnson, Sir Walter Scott, Joseph Hume & John Ruskin.

1933 (Dec 30)  Andy Stewart, entertainer, is born in Glasgow. He will be educated in Perth & Arbroath.


1934 (Feb 1)  Plans to convert Seaforth House into a 1st class hotel are passed by the Dean of Guild Court.

1934  Auchmithie FC win the 'Progress Cup' Gold Medal. Their team includes David cargill, Tom Spink, Donald McKenzie, Fred Swankie, Bob Cargill, Peter Swankie, Hen Spink, Willie Air, Dave Cargill & Messrs. Foulkes & Niven.

1934  (Jun 16)  The Seaforth Hotel opens for business.

1934  The Abbot's House at the Abbey opens as a Folk Museum.

1934 (Jul 7) The Earl of Strathmore opens Arbroath's new Bathing Pool, probably Scotland's second largest, with capacity for 1,200 swimmers & 4,000 spectators. Gaumont produce a 5 minute black & white film of the event. The south facing area of the complex will be the Aberbrothock Restaurant.

1934  (Nov 26)  Mixed bathing is introduced at the Public Baths in Marketgate.








1935  (Apr 5)  Matthew Kerr buys a 7 1/4" gauge locomotive & a quantity of rail from the owner of the Mablethorpe Miniature Railway for £150.

1935  (Apr)  Arbroath & District Branch of the Royal British Legion Scotland is formed.

1935  (Jun 17)  Yule's Newsagents is established in Commerce Street by Margaret Yule. The business will thrive for 69 years.

1935  (June 22)  Matthew Kerr's Miniature Railway runs it's first train. In it's first season 11,350 passengers are carried, cost: Adults 3d, Children 2d

1935  (+1937 +1939)  The Reid and Clark families of Arbroath produce silent black & white films showing their gardens, Arran holidays & Arbroath Bathing Pool. The films are now held by the National Library of Scotland.

1935  (-39)  Arbroath FC in 1st Div. Finish 11th ('36), 14th ('37), 11th ('38) & 17th ('39)

1935  The West Links Toll House is demolished. At this time it had been used by Cobb's Cycle Depot.

1935  King's Drive & Queen's Drive's construction starts, around the time of King George V & Queen Mary's Silver Jubilee.

1935  Abbey Works on Ernest Street close.

1935 (approx)  'Ingle Neuk' dwelling house is built to the rear of 'Tuttie's Neuk' public house.










1936  Arbroath's Promenade is completed.

1936  The new telephone exchange opens, occupying part of the site of the old tannery on Millgate Loan between East Mary Street & West Grimsby. See 1938.

1936  The Arbroath Herald takes over the Brothock Mill building, moving from a much smaller premises at Brothock Bridge.

1936  William Booth starts work as a messenger with A K Adamson of 7-9 Keptie Street. He will eventually take over the business on the death of Mr Adamson

1936  The Council houses opposite Gayfield are built, but will only survive until the late 60s when they will be demolished to make way for the proposed inner relief road.


1937  Queen's Drive is now complete.

1937  Land around the Water Tower is given to the Town Council for use as a park.

1937  Frederick Carcone buys the Grants Shoe Factory on Hill Road. In a few months

it opens as the Marine Ballroom.

1937  The West Links childrens' paddling pool is used for the first time.


1938  The Condor begins as a Fleet Air Arm facility.

1938  Kerr's Miniature Railway's 7 1/4" gauge is replaced by 10 1/4" gauge.

1938 (May 16)  The Employment Exchange opens beside the Telephone Exchange, occupying the remainder of the vacated tannery site on Millgate Loan.

1938 The 'Oriental Bar', High Street, comes under the ownership of H. Coburn (until about 1950-51).

1938  Ten interred remains (of Abbots or Seniors) beneath the Abbey's Chapter House are examined.











1939  D. Geddes (Contractors) Ltd are established in Colliston.

1939  The 'New Palace' in James St closes & is demolished.

1939  (Aug 26)  Thomas Robb, head of Robb Bros., aerated water manufacturers, dies.

1939  The Marine Ballroom is bought by Helen Duncan.

1939  (Oct 14)  Robert Crook Ritchie, of 9 Airlie Crescent, dies on HMS Royal Oak at Scapa Flow, Orkney.


The Arbroath Follies were a popular entertainment in the summers of the 1930 & 1940s.

4512145512_307x205.jpg 4511918482_296x216.jpg 4512052343.gif

1930 - 1939

South St. beach

around 1930

Matthew Kerr 1935

Arbroath High School & Water Tower 1938 - Courtesy of the University of St Andrews Library


The Bathing Pool's quiet hours

view film clip Global 1930-1939 4518312829_260x144.jpg 4518653855.jpg

Bill Brown ( in 1960 )

Dundee Rd Railway Bridge W Links Gh & Cobbs b

West Links Toll House framed by the railway bridge

Robb Bros ad

A Robb Bros.


( from1970 )

Progress Cup Gold Medal Progress Cup Gold Medal b

The 1933-34 Progress Cup Gold Medal

Arbr Girl Guide dance class, Guide Hall,  East Gri

Arbroath Girl Guides enjoying a dance class in the Guide Hall, East Grimsby around 1935.

( left to right ) Front row:

Dorothy Davidson, Linda Reid,

-- --, Betty Thorburn

2nd row: Edna McLennan, Grace Morton, -- --, Jean Souter

3rd row: Jean Shanks, -- --, Connie Stephen, Betty Smith

Mar 31st 1932 Arbr FC season 1936-37

Arbroath FC season 1936-37  

Image Arbr. Herald