1950 (Jan)  Fishing boat 'The Girl Jean'  is sailed out of the harbour by a 14 yr old

boy. After a 4 day search, the boy and boat is found by the crew of a Hull trawler.

1950  Lifeboat 'Robert Lindsay' is launched.

1950  George Ferrier's florist business opens at 96-98 High Street.

1950  Cliffburn's Benedict Road & St Murdoch's Crescent are built.

1950  The Tay Valley Plan, anxious to promote an open seafront in Arbroath,

suggests moving Gayfield Football Park to Keptie Hill !

1950  (Dec 25)  The Stone of Destiny is removed from Westminster Abbey, London.


1951  (Apr 11)  The Stone of Destiny is laid, Saltire draped, in the Abbey on the site of the high alter & is discovered

by Abbey custodian James Wishart. The whole wonderful adventure has been the work of 4 students: Ian Hamilton,

Kay Matheson, Gavin Vernon & Alan Stuart.

1951  (Apr 16)  Pathe News make a 4 1/2 minute black & white sound film 'The Stone Returns', featuring the

Arbroath Abbey Pageant, the Stone of Destiny within the Abbey, Custodian James Whithart & interviews with

councillors Thornton & Gardner. The film is later discovered in the Palace Cinema.

1951  ' On The Declaration Of Arbroath ' by Agnes Mure Mackenzie is published by The Saltire Society, Edinburgh.

1951  Arbroath Round Table is established.

1951  'Peppo's' Fish & Chip shop at 51 Ladybridge Street is owned by Giuseppe Orsi.

1951  (-1952)  Gayfield's record attendance of 13,510 occurs playing a Glasgow team called Rangers.


1952  Television (BBC) is seen for the first time in Arbroath.

1952  Cliffburn's Lamley Terr. & Gedy Place are built, each named after an Arbroath Abbot.

1952  David Wishart is born in Arbroath. He studies Latin & Greek, & for 11 years is as an English teacher in Kuwait, Greece & Saudi Arabia. He returns to Scotland in 1990 & writes 13 'Marcus Corvinus' mysteries & 2 novels 'I, Virgil' & 'Nero'.













1953  (Feb)  Arbroath Musical Society's production this year is 'The Mikado'.

1953  The factory of J. Ramsey & Sons (reed & camb makers) in Abbot St is badly damaged by fire.

1953  The ecclesiastical charge of Auchmithie is re-united with St Vigeans.

1953  Goodfellow & Stevens bakery shop opens at 118 High Street.

1953 (Jul) Arbroath's 1st beauty competition is won by Robina Pollock (15) of Clydebank.

1953  The houses on St Thomas Crescent are built this year.

1953  Twenty boats are landing fish at Arbroath every day.











1953  (Oct 27)  The Arbroath Lifeboat disaster. The 'Robert Lindsay' capsizes & 6 of her 7 crewmen are lost, Archibald

Smith being the only survivor. The tragedy is commemorated in a bronze plaque on the boathouse wall, a stained glass

window in St John's Methodist Church in memory of Coxwain David Bruce and a memorial plaque in the Old Church

to the six men, gifted by Mr & Mrs Cargill, who lose two sons. Lifeboat 'Howard D' replaces the 'Lindsay'.









1954  (Feb)  Arbroath Musical Society's production this year is 'Show Boat'.

1954  'The Textile Industry of Arbroath Since The Early 18th Century' by WHK Turner

is published in Dundee by the Abertay Historical Society. It will be reprinted in 1971.

1954  (Jun)  The Red Lion Caravan site opens. See 1955 image.

1954 (-1957)  James Kydd Moir serves as Provost.

1954  Sydney Anderson's ice cream shop opens at 212 High Street.

1954  Abbey School at Abbey Green closes.

1954 (-1975) Henry (Harry) A. Farmer serves as Town Councillor.

1954  Lamb's Garage (formerly 'Cromarty's or 'West End Garage'), opens with

an Austin franchise in Dundee Road opposite Tuttie's Neuk pub.

1954  Electric street lighting begins to replace gas lamps in Arbroath.

1954 (Sept 28) Hayshead School opens.

1954 (Oct 16)  Michael Forsyth is born in Arbroath. He will become

a Conservative MP and, in 1995, take the post of Secretary of State

for Scotland.

1954 (approx)  The 'Oriental Bar' comes under the ownership of James Muirhead.



'In the 1950s, Frasers factories & machine shops cover an area of 7.5 acres and the firm is employing 800 people. Several Frasers invent machines & vehicles. Lawnmower manufacture in Arbroath, patented & developed by Alexander and James Shanks, is taken over by a Birmingham firm. (See 1969).

'In the 1950s' the 'Thistle Bar' trades from 158 High Street.

'In the 1950s' the 'Clachan Bar' trades from 186 High Street.

'In the 1950s' the magnificent gatehouse of Hospitalfield House on Dundee Road is demolished.


1951 The Stone hears the call of home

1950 - 1954

David Bruce   -    Harry Swankie   -   William Swankie

Charles Cargill  -  David Cargill  -  Thomas Adams

....but runnin' for the harbour's a feather on the tide

                  a coracle o' mercy, wi' Aberbrothock's pride

                         it's ever comin' hameward & callin' frae the sea

                               the sacrifice is etched deep - a memory that won't leave me....

from ' The Arbroath Tragedy ' by Fred Dallas


Inverbrothock School, May 1952

Are you here ?  I am !

Global 1950-1959 4515355432_330x163.jpg


' The Robert Lindsay '

Parkhouse School Watters Cup Team 1953 or ''54

Parkhouse School's ' Watters Cup ' team 1953 or 1954

Back l/r: Keith Nicol-Andy Doig-Tom Milne

Ray Graham-Gus Longmuir-Ray Thompson

Front l/r: Jim Cargill-Ally Law

Mick McFarlane-Jim Robb-Tom Ironside

3rd Arbroath Scout Troop-Aug 1952

3rd Arbroath Scout Troop at the Keptie Road huts in August 1952.

Back l/r: D Brown-John Young- John Milne-Jack Swankie-Atholl Mollison-Derek Hunter-Harry Whitton ( Leader).

Middle l/r: Robt Spink-Don Clark-Bert Donaldson-Alex Smith-Ronnie Scott-Tommy Sinclair-Wilson Robson-

Ian Robson-Murray Wood.

Front l/r: Eric Scott-Sandy McLead-

Sandy Crowe-Dennis Towns-David Watt-David Anderson-Ally Riddle

Fish merchants bid for catches around 1950

 Fish merchants bid for newly arrived catches around 1950

Girl Jean AH74 entering Arbr Harb. around 1950

 (right) The Girl Jean arrives

at Arbroath Harbour