1955 (Feb)  Arbroath Musical Society's production this year is 'Carisma'.

1955  Reginald Allett founds Allett Mowers in Arbroath.

1955  Summer brings a record 60,000 people to Kerr's Minature Railway. Matthew Kerr buys a miniature coach (driver + 2 seats) from Ernest Johnstone of Brighton & so starts the childrens' West Links bus trips.

1955  Until this year, home for the Lighthouse Keepers' families have been the cottages & courtyard of the Signal Tower. Now, staffing for the Bell Rock Lighthouse is being carried out from Leith, home of the Northern Lighthouse Board. Keepers are in charge of a lighthouse for a four year period, before being moved to another. The Signal Tower will now be used for council housing (for 15 years until 1974).

1955  Colin McNab becomes landlord of the Crown Inn at 41 West Abbey Street.

1955  Shipbuilding returns to Arbroath with Gerrard's Boatyard being located beside the Lifeboat shed. Brothers Andrew & Alexander run the business.

1955 (Dec 3) The last passenger train runs between Arbroath & Forfar. The St Vigeans

& Colliston section will become a nature walk.

1955  (Dec) A helicopter crashes & all crew are lost at Bell Rock Lighthouse.

1955 (-1956)  Houses are being built along Montrose Road.


1956  (Jan 20)  The building which had served as the Arbroath & Dundee Joint Railway

Station from 1838-1848, is demolished.

1956 (Mar)  Patrick Wallace, manager of the Seaforth Hotel for 10 years, aquires the property.

1956  Angus College is established.

1956 (Jun 26)  A new police station opens in Bellvue House, Springfield Terr. (Closes 1992).

1956 (Jun 30)  The 'Star Bar' opens on Westport.

1956  The Bathing Station at West Links is demolished.

1956  John Menzies, newsagents, open at 194 High Street

1956  The Fire Station at Gravesend, there since 'horse-drawn' days, closes.

1956  Lifeboat 'The Duke of Montrose' is launched, named by the Duchess of Kent and

captured on a 7 minute silent colour film now held by the National Library of Scotland.

1956  Gayfield's first floodlit match is played.

1956  Arbroath still has 7 flax producing companies.


1957 The Squirrel Cafe opens in Kirk Square.

1957  (Mar 24)  Mike Weir is born in Arbroath. He will be educated at the High School

& the University of Aberdeen, & become District Councillor & SNP MP for Angus.

1957  Charlie Fleming opens his butchers shop in Ponderlaw.

1957  To add to the kids' seaside fun, Matthew Kerr buys a miniature fire engine. During

the late 50s he also runs a 12 wheeled 2 vehicle trackless train named 'The Brighton Belle'.

1957  In Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada, Pipe Major Robert Fraser from Arbroath forms the 'Lord Selkirk Boy Scout Pipe Band'.

1957  Hayshead Housing Scheme is completed.

1957  Charles Corsar of Rosely House dies.

1957  East Coast Enterprises move to Brothock Bridge.



1958  A footbridge is built across the north exit of Victoria Park.

1958  (Apr)  The old Danger Point bridge is replaced.

1958  (May 7)  The 'White Heather Club' , hosted by Andy Stewart, is seen on our T.V.s for the first time.

1958 (Jun 6)  A bandstand ('like a half golf ball') is opened in Springfield Park.

1958  The Corsar family sell Rosely House, which now becomes a hotel.

1958  The Alexander Brothers (Tom & Jack) have their first professional engagement at the Webster Theatre.

1958  A secret bunker is built by the Royal Observer Corps at Peasiehill, Elliot, it's role to house 3 observers in the event of a nuclear attack.

1958  A silent, colour, 8:20 film is produced by SEFA (Dundee Group), sponsored by 'Educational Films Of Scotland' of Smokies being prepared in Arbroath. Credits include the Beattie family of Ladyloan, Mr Don Gray & Mr Norman Crawford. Film held by NLS:

1958 (Sep 6)  The Territorial Army hall opens on Montrose Road.

1958 (Sep 18) Gayfield's main stand, dressing rooms, boardroom, ambulance room & press box are burned down in the early hours of Thursday morning. The match against Berwick Rangers two days later goes ahead & Arbroath win 2-0.  










1959 (Jan 3)  Matthew Kerr buys the last steam train ticket from Dundee East Sta. to Arbroath.

1959 (Jan 5)  Diesel trains replace steam at Arbroath.

1959 (Jan 24) The Earl of Airlie unveils Robert Burns statue (created by Dundee sculptor Scott Sutherland) at the Public Library.

1959 (Feb)  Arbroath Amateur Operatic Society's production of 'Oklahoma !' is presented in the Webster Hall.

1959  (Mar 20)  New Fire-Station opens in Ponderlaw, the opening ceremony interrupted by a call out, followed quickly by two others !

1959  T. Brown's pet shop relocates from Brothock Bridge to High Street.

1959  Ian Wight (photographer), moves to 29/33 Millgate.

1959  The old houses in Barngreen are demolished to make way for new properties.

1959  Alex Cargill opens a guest house in what will become the Viewfield Hotel (was the old estate house with extensive tree covered land).

1959  St Ninian's Church on Brothock Bridge closes. It's congregation joins with that of Hopemount Church becoming St Andrew's Church.

1959  R S Cargill's sweet shop opens at 212 High Street, previously Sydney Anderson's ice cream shop.

1959  A.K. Adamson (of Keptie Street) open premises at 90 High Street in the Guildry Building.

1959  The Olympia Cinema closes & becomes an indoor market.

1959 (Dec 7)  8 crew of Broughty Ferry's lifeboat 'Mona' lose their lives aiding the North Carr Lightship.

1959  (-1960)  Arbroath FCs promoted to the 1st Div. but end the season in bottom position.



          'In the late 1950s' the Marine Ballroom (in pre 'Disco' days), is featuring Monday night record

          dances with Angus, James & George Nairn and David Thompson making the evenings a success.


           'During the '50s & '60s, the 'new shelter' within Victoria Park is being used as a cafe.


          'In the 1950s & 60s' the old Police Office at Market Place / Gravesend corner ( right ) is used by

           first the Civil Defence & then by the WRVS before becoming the Tourist Office.


Robert Burns arrives 1959


The Circus comes to Town  1957

1955 - 1959

4512219098.jpg 4512219093.jpg

Red Lion Caravan Park 1955

Bathing Pool & Tennis Courts 1955


New footbridge 1958

Global 1950-1959 4512145844.jpg

( courtesy of  Univ of St Andrews Library )

             - Brothock Bridge 1959


Tom & Jack :









is first !

4512451891.jpg WhiteHeatherClub

Andy Stewart

- host of the

White Heather Club.

4518867112.jpg Marine B''room ''pre-disco'' record dance late 195

Monday nights at the 'Marine'. Image copyright Angus Nairn

Duke of Montrose


'Duke Of Montrose'

Arbr Railway Sta - built 1838, dem. 1956

The Arbroath & Dundee Joint Railway Station building on Ladyloan being demolished in January 1956

Ladyloan map 1901

Click to enlarge 1901 map showing rail link

to station

1955 - a record year for Kerr's Minature Railway. This is the effect it has on kids.



Kerr, spelt  F-U-N