1965 (Jan)  'Jingling Geordie', the weel kent traction engine owned by Mr. Ian N. Fraser is laid up in his Palace of Engineering.

1965 (Feb 19)  Work at Keith & Blackman's foundry ceases & a lengthy demolition starts where it meets High Street.

1965  The last gas street lamp is lit for the final time in Long Row off Guthrie Port by J. Crabb, last foreman of the leeries.

1965  (May 25)  The rail line from Elliot to Carmyllie is closed.

1965  Noreen Robertson opens a hairdressing salon on Howard Street.

1965  (early June)  Arbroath's unemployment figure stands at 3.2 %.

1965 (Jun 7)  Bishop Hart opens the new St Thomas RC Primary School on Seaton Road, replacing the one on Dishlandtown St.

1965 (Aug) Joe Berrie's Barber Shop at 54 High Street closes.

1965  Hill Street Post Office has a sorting office & a garage added.

1965  The Abbey Folk Club has it's beginnings & meets in The Vaults Bar. Within a year it will boast around 150 members. Later Folk Club gatherings will convene at the Seaforth Hotel, then the Windmill Hotel.

1965  Arbroath Laundry Ltd. on Keptie Road is taken over by Johnson Group Cleaners.

1965  St Margaret's Church, Keptie Street, builds it's new manse.

1965 (Sep)  Brothock Cleaners (later 'Angus Cleaners') open at 25 Montrose Road.

1965  Multi-storey flats are constructed at Soneycroft Lane.

1965  A social gathering of Arbroath chip shop owners, their families & friends include the surnames Atkinson, Beattie, Becci, Buick, Cargill, Dora, Gersok, Grant, McLaren, Orsi, Petrie, Quinn, Schiavetta, Soutar, Vettesse & Wiltosz. (see image above).

1965  The old red sandstone factory on North Grimsby, used as the Girl Guides HQ since c.1930, is vacated.

1965  The Newgate Bar is the venue for 'Swinging Blue Jeans' & 'Peter & Gordon' performances.

1965 (Nov)  Radio Scotland (a pirate station) begins to broadcast from the MV Comet in the Firth of Forth on 242 metres MW.


1966  (Jan 9)  Seamus McGarraigh (born James Carr McDonald in Arbroath in 1885), a lifelong champion of the Gaelic tongue & fervant Scottish Nationalist, dies aged 81.

1966 (Mar) The Seaforth Hotel is purchased by Giddings & Lewis-Fraser.

1966  (Apr) Keith-Blackman's West Abbey Foundry is now demolished. A shopping/business centre through to High St. is planned.

1966  Arbroath Indoor Bowling Club, with eight rinks, is established on Cairnie Rd.

1966  (May)  A plan to convert Arbroath's redundant Water Tower into a continental cafe with dance floor is put to Town Council.

1966 (May 28)  The Oriental Bar at 247 (?) High Street closes.

1966 (Jun)  The Oriental Bar at 247 High Street is sold to a development company.  

1966 (Jun) Farmer / landowner Ian Stirling opens the Meadow Milk Bar on Montrose Road, selling milk drinks & farm produce.  1966  (Jun)  Robert R. Spink, born Auchmithie, & fish merchant in the town since 1915, dies aged 81.

1966  (Jun 23)  Mackays Boat Builders are established east of the harbour.

1966  (Jul 4)  Professional wrestling commences at the Webster Memorial Hall. Mick McManus, Masambula, Jackie Pallo & Les Kellett are amongst the stars of ring who will entertain here.

1966  (Jul)  Kenny Ball's Jazzmen play the Marine Ballroom. Kenny also judges the 'Miss Arbroath' contest.

1966 (Jul)  Despite protests, Elliot Junction, Easthaven & West Ferry railway stations are listed for closure.

1966  Angus Training Group is established.

1966  (Aug)  Arbroath TC make compulsory purchase of property in Wallace St., Glover St, Ann St, Hannah St, & Millgate Loan.

1966  (Sep)  Demolition commences on buildings at the corner of High Street and Abbey Path. This includes the 'Oriental Bar' whose proprietor William Coutts has taken over the 'National Bar' at the other side of the street. The cleared space, along with the vacuum left by the Keith & Blackman demolition, will be replaced by a row of new shops between 243-247 High Street.

1966 (Sept)  Queen Elizabeth & the Queen Mother have lunch at the Seaforth Hotel.

1966  (Sept)  Braemar Knitwear's factory opens at Elliot.

1966  (Oct)  Properties in Dorward Place, Barngreen are being demolished to make way for residential development.

1966  Arbroath Art Society is founded.

1966  St Ninian's Church at Brothock Bridge becomes home to the Royal Naval Association until 1974.














1967 (Jan 1)  The South Sea Chinese Restaurant opens at 207 High Street.

1967  (Jan) 10 Elmfield prefabs remain standing (only 2 now occupied) as they fall before the advance of the new Cairnie Road housing redevelopment. The prefabs were erected in 1946.

1967 (end Jan)  Abbey Church inducts the Rev. Arthur H.M. Johnston (formerly of Dufftown) as their new Minister, following the death of Rev. Archibald Russell.

1967  (Feb)  Mr & Mrs Hugh Fraser, visiting the Fabrica Argentina De Alpargatas in Argentina,  finds Arbroath made machines installed there in 1884 to be still in fine working order.

1967  (Feb)  Precision Miniature Pressings is founded in Arbroath.

1967  (Mar)  The Viewfield Hotel's public bar opens as ' Sandy's Bar '.

1967  (Mar)  'Cafe Gibson' occupies 82 & 84 High Street. 'Cafe Kit Kat' had previously occupied No. 82.

1967  (Apr)  Ladyloan Church, in latter years having been used as a furniture store by D.T. Wilson, is demolished.

1967  (Apr 21)  George S. Shepherd & Ruby Melvin's recording of  ' The Auld Boulzie Hill  / Twa Worthies O The Toon O Arbroath', with Nita Craig on piano, John McInroy on accordian & David Ramsay on guitar, goes on sale at Sherrifs Music Shop.

1967 (Apr 21)  The 'Golden Quaich' opens at 18-20 West Port. Earlier, this was the address of 'Dorwards Bar'.

1967  Mrs Gladys Fleming opens the ' Vogue Fashion ' shop at 17 Keptie Street.

1967  Robertson's Ladies Hairdresser relocates from Howard Street to Cairnie Street.

1967  Units still available for let at the Newbigging/Timbergreens Shopping Development: Crudens Ltd, include a Fish Frier, Fruiterer, Baker & Laundrette.

1967  Andrew G. Kidd's cafe is trading at 182 High Street.

1967  Brian Forsyth joins the Arbroath Herald aged 17 when george S. Shepherd is editor. On Nor Riddle's retirement he will become chief reporter until 1999 and later be appointed associate editor, a post he will hold until retiring in 2014.

1967  (Jun 23)  The Webster Theatre is featuring a different show every night. Artistes include Archie Fisher,  Johnny Geddes, Hamish Imlach, Chic Murray & Jimmy Shand. Wrestlers Alan Dennison & George Kidd also appear.

1967  A.K. Adamson close their premises at 90 High Street.

1967  (Aug 13)  David Mackay & Company, funeral directors, open new premises at 31 Gowan Street (the old Jock's Lodge).

1967  The Arbroath & Forfar Railway closes.

1967  Lambs and David Carlaw garages merge.

1967  The Gayfield Bar & Lounge, on the corner of Dickfield Street, closes.

1967  (Sept 4)  Elliot Junction Station closes.

1967 (Oct 26)  The wooden Livestock Auction House between Millgate & Panmure Street closes.

1967  (Dec)  Timmergreens shops start to open -'Mace' on the 15th & the 'Co-op' on the 22nd.

1967  (-1968)  Albert Henderson leads Arbroath FC to promotion & the 1st Division.


1968  (Jan)  Arbroath Laundry Ltd. on Keptie Road, which had been taken over by Johnson Cleaners in 1965, closes.

1968  (Mar 11)  The Clydesdale Bank move premises from number 69 to number 117 High Street.

1968  (Mar)  The final stretch of the Westway, from Arbirlot Road West to Keptie Road, opens.

1968  GEC-Woods Group take over Keith & Blackman whose Gravesend/Applegate factory is demolished.

1968  (May 15)  Charlie Fleming opens his butchers shop at 27 Westport, previously Munroe's Butchers.

1968  Construction of the Charles Avenue housing scheme starts. Number 25 is the 'show' house & No. 21 the first occupied.

1968 (Summer) The Arbroath Co-op Society grocery shop at 1 Brothock Bridge closes. To the right is the Stance Cafe &

W Alexander & Sons (Northern) Ltd's bus office which will become the Golden Cockerel Chinese Restaurant.

1968  The remains of 'old' Grant Road are demolished, including Fred Gordon's Garage, making way for the 'inner relief' road.

1968 (Jul 13)  Springfield Park's children's Paddling Pool is opened by George Kidd.

1968 (4-5) The vessel 'Gasselte' from Holland unloads 200 tons of fertiliser at Arbroath before leaving on the 5th for Aberdeen.

1968  (Aug)  An inshore Lifeboat Station is established, using a 'D' class Lifeboat.

1968 (Sep)  Mrs Betsy Swankie, principal of Swankie & Smith, 13 High Street, (wholesale fish merchants) retires aged 84.

1968 (Sep) Viewfield House Hotel receieve planning permission  from the Dean of Guild Court to build an extension for a dance area, dining areas, kitchen, bar, cloakroom & storage.

1968 (Oct 29) Coopers Fine Fare open at 195-197 High Street.

1968 (Nov 6)  East Coast Enterprises move to 10 West Port.

1968-69 St Margaret's Church, Keptie St, purchase the cottage at 14 George St (at rear of Church) to provide  further hall facilities.


1969  (Feb 8)  'The Light Bite' restaurant opens at 114 High Street.

1969 (Feb 21)  The Town Council is to proceed with a 2nd development at Warddykes (203 houses), between Brechin Road, the Eastern Cemetery & Tarry Road.

1969  ED & J Scott (Arbroath Fisheries) are established.

1969  Dominik Diamond is born in Arbroath. He will become a UK TV & radio presenter and by 2013 will be DJ ( 'The Scot that rocks' ) on Toronto, Canada's Q107 Classic Rock radio station, analysing and dissecting the classic rock tracks of various artistes.

1969  To make way for the forthcoming dualled inner relief road, Brothock Bank House (part of which has been the National Commercial Bank & in recent years Grant & Lang's Bakery) is demolished. Union Villa at the corner of Ladyloan & Millgate Loan suffers the same fate. This house was built by master painter Mr McDowall & occupied for many years by commanding officers of the Condor, including Capt. Abel Smith. Two murals in relief (depicting the Water Tower & Bellrock), do not survive an attempt to have them removed intact. The council houses opposite Gayfield (built in 1936) also fall.

1969  (Apr 14) Timmergreens Primary School's first pupils arrive.

1969  The Hyde Park House Hotel opens on Millgate Loan.

1969  Four years after the SNP had sought assurance from the Secretary of State for Scotland that there would be an official celebration of the 650th anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath in 1970, senior civil servants, having been deeply divided on the issue, brief ministers with suggestions for a commemorative stamp, an exhibition, a school holiday & a royal visit to Arbroath.

1969  Francesco (Frank) & Dorothy Orsi and the 'Cairnie Chip Shop' relocate a short distance along Cairnie Street to number 20  to accomodate development. Their new address was formerly a licensed grocer & sweetie shop owned by Mr & Mrs George Watson.

1969  (Jun)  The Commercial Inn at 13 Old Shorehead, dating from the early 1800s, opens as a public house.

1969 (Jun 10)  Warddykes district is being developed & it's Primary School opens on this date.

1969  (Jul 10)  Greg Mandia's Vandona Restaurant opens facing the sea at 32 Ladyloan. It is named after his daughters Vanda & Dona, but is also known as the 'Bell Rock'. Under this name the old 'Bell Rock' Restaurant faced inland but was demolished to accomodate the new road.

1969  (Jul 3)  'The Golden Haddock' fish & chip restaurant opens in 13 High Street at the Fit O' The Toun.

1969  The Drill Hall (later the Sports & Community Centre) in Marketgate receives major renovation.

1969 (Aug 1)  Arbroath's Palace and Picture House cinemas are two of 32 properties (including shops, cinemas, office blocks & bingo halls) in the N.E. of Scotland being put up for sale by J.B. Milne Theatres Ltd.

1969  Shanks is taken over by Giddings & Lewis Fraser.

1969  Lawnmower manufacture in Arbroath ceases.

1969 (Nov 15) The old Central Bar, open since about 1900 (at where Burnside Drive now meets Brothock Bridge) closes.

1969 (Nov17) Maurice Maitland opens the (new) Central Bar (was Arbr Co-op Society groceries in the '50s & '60s).

1969   The outer harbour's open air fish market closes.

1969  (Dec 18)  The covered fishmarket (the 'Black Shed') at the harbour opens. It will close in the '90s as fish catches become rare.


'in the 60s & 70s', the Thistle Restaurant occupied 3 Applegate.

'in the 60s & 70s', the Kepties Christian Hotel at 55 Keptie Street is run by Mrs J. Miller.

'in the mid '60s'  Police pillars (fixed communication points preceding Police radios) were still situated at the following locations:

Keptie St (opposite the railway sta.), High St (junction with Kirk Sq.), Keptie Road (junction with Nolt Loan Road), Cairnie St (junction with Ogilvy Place), Brothock Bridge (outside British Linen Bank), Ladyloan (beside Seaforth Hotel).

1965 - 1969


Arbr & Distr Indoor Bowling Club 1966





Dominik Diamond

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Global 1960-1969

Released 1967, price 9s 6d


Union Villa


The Harbour's Black Shed

Chip Shop owners, families & guests 1965

Arbroath's chip shop owners, families

& friends 1965 - image copyright

Arbroath Herald

Oriental Bar being Dem. Sept. '66

The Oriental Bar at the corner of High Street and Abbey Path being demolished in Sept 1966. The editor's first home, in 1946, was at No 1 Abbey Path on the opposite corner.

Image: The Arbroath Herald.

Prefab erection Elmfield Ave 1946

 New dwellings begin to replace

the prefabs at the corner of Elmfield Avenue & Elmbank Crescent in 1966

Inner harbour July 1967 Guthrie Port in July 1967

 Guthrie Port in 1967

 The inner harbour in 1967

 Click for a larger image....

Arbroath harbour scene - July 1967

 A fishing boat in the harbour - 1967