1980 - 1984

1980  (Feb)  Arbroath Musical Society's production this year is 'Summer Song'.

1980  (Mar)  Templeton's supermarket at 241 High Street re-opens after complete modernisation.

1980  Tom D. Alexander, owner of Greyhound Luxury Coaches, dies aged 71.

1980  Grace Patterson's florist shop opens at 257 High Street.

1980  St Margaret's Church dedicates four stain glass windows depicting St Margaret/St Andrew/St Ninian/St Vigean. Artist: J. Blyth

1980  Harry Farmer Court opens for elderly residents.

1980  (Jul)  Francis Webster, weavers, move premises to Elliot.

1980  Ian & Phyllis Booth, owners of A K Adamson, until now a gents outfitter, open the 'ladies shop' section.

1980  (Aug)  Mrs Jean Waddell, a member of St Mary's Episcopal Church is arrested in Iran with others on suspicion of espionage. They will be detained for six months.

1980 (Sep) A re-enactment of the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath takes place following the revival of the Arbroath Abbey Pageant.

1980  (Oct)  Radio North Angus opens a radio station at Arbroath Infirmary.

1980 (Oct)  Newgate House, having been acquired by Angus Housing Association & restored, is re-opened by Peter Fraser MP.

1980  (Dec 16)  Neeter's Bar opens at 129 High Street.


1981 (Jan)  The Abbey School building at Abbey Green, closed in 1954, is demolished to make way for the new Abbey Health Centre, the entrance for which is on East Abbey Street..

1981 (Jan)  DD & L Travel (Dundee, Perth & London) open their agency at 245 High Street.

1981 (Feb 3)  Angus DC vote to close the Bathing Pool at the end of this year's summer season.

1981 (Feb 13) STVs 'Thingummyjig' features Arbroath group 'Deep End' ( Jim Hutcheson, George Cant & John Masterson).

1981  (Feb)  Arbroath Musical Society's production this year is 'The Merry Widow'.

1981  (Mar 1)  Jean Waddell & companions arrive back in the UK after being released by Iranian authorities.

1981  (May 2)  The Old Brewhouse, 3 High Street, is opened as a bar & restaurant.

1981  CAIB (Commercial & Agricultural Insurance Brokers) is established in Commerce St.

1981  (Jul 3)  The Ist phase of the new Burnside Drive Bus Station  (Enquiry/Passenger offices, mess-room & staff toilets) is handed over to W. Alexander. Before this time, Alexander Northern buses have departed from Brothock Bridge & Greyhound buses first from beside the library & later from open ground in West Abbey Street.

1981 (Jul 18)  'Breakers' opens at 11 Millgate (the old Giddings & Lewis Fraser Club's address).

A disco will be added in Oct. 1987.

1981  (Aug 18)  'Naylors' delicatessan opens at 12 Market Place.

1981  The original signal box at Kerr's Miniature Railway is destroyed by vandals.

1981  Angus DC sell one third of the Bathing Pool to Ian Stirling of Dickmontlaw Farm.

1981  A devastating fire destroys the Pageant Society's stock of costumes & props.








1982  (Feb)  Arbroath Musical Society's production this year is 'South Pacific'.

1982  (Mar 7)  The new premises of Arbroath Baptist Church opens at the 'Fit O' The Toun' in the former 'Coastie'.

1982  (Mar)  'Boots' the chemist opens at 142-146 High Street.

1982  Terry Wood opens Abbey Music (later at Kirk Square), in Guthrie Port.

1982  (Apr)  Viewfield Hotel is bought from McKenzie Hotels Ltd by Mr & Mrs N. Clark.

1982  (Apr)  Seaforth Hotel is bought from McKenzie Hotels Ltd by Alex Mann.

1982 (Apr 16) The 'Arbroath Video Library' opens at 192 High Street.

1982 (May 14) The sold section of the Bathing Pool opens as 'Smokeys' night club.

1982 'Arbroath Abbey', a history by the late R.L.Mackie, is published by HMSO, Edinburgh.

(description by Stewart Cruden, adapted by Richard Fawcett).

1982  The development of Letham Grange as a sporting resort begins.

1982  (Aug)  ' Malacca ' Bar opens at 23 Keptie Street (the old Imperial Hotel).

1982  In their centenary year, Arbroath Vics (helped by George Best) beat Arbr FC 4-3.

1982  'Pool Table Specialists' established.

1982  (Oct)  An excavation in garden ground to the rear of 189 - 191 High Street reveals a medieval ewer and an undated burial.


1983  (Feb)  Arbroath Musical Society's production this year is 'La Vie Parisienne'.

1983 (Feb 27)  The Newgate Bar, dating from the early 1800s, closes.

1983  Arbroath Lifeboat 'Shoreline' is launched.

1983 (Spring) Tayside Health Board recommends 'that the Infirmary close & become a

Community Hospital'.

1983  Arbroath's Herring fishery reopens after the ban of 1977.

1983 (May 5) Renovations to the Public Library begin, which will take 13 months.

Temporary facilities are made available in West Port.

1983  A stone faced tunnel forty feet long is added over the rail line at K.M.R.

1983  The Spinks family open 9 High Street as 'Smokies' fish shop.

1983  (Jul 9)  Arbroath's 1st Highland Games is held at Victoria Park. Geoff Capes, Bill

Anderson & Grant Anderson take part.

1983  The Dale Cottage Industrial School at 84 Brechin Road closes, 130 years after opening.

1983  Students at Dundee College of Technology construct a new signal box for K.M.R.

1983  The Marine Ballroom closes.

1983  Alex Carswell (TV & Audio) opens first premises.

1983  Runrig play 'Smokeys', having sold just 7 tickets, but their star is rising.


1984  (Feb)  Arbroath Musical Society's production this year is 'Guys and Dolls'.

1984  (Mar)  The Yaird Showroom (carpets) opens at 25 Marketgate.

1984  The 'Sharridale' seine net fishing boat AH 68 is built in Arbroath.

1984  Keillor Graphics of High Street is founded.

1984  Closure of the Arbroath Golf Club.

1984  The 'Palace', James Street, ceases being a cinema & becomes a bingo hall only.

1984 (Jun 13)  Renovations are completed to the Public Library.

1984  (Jun 15)  Scottie's Coffee Shop opens at 92 High Street.

1984  (Jun 25)  Dennis Beatty's locally built 'Girl Katherine 11' (AH33) is launched.

1984  (Jul) 'Girl Katherine 11's one hour pleasure trips to Auchmithie & Dickmont's Den begin. Adults £1.00, loons & quinies £0.50.

1984  (Aug 27)  Mike's Gents Hairdressers open at 56 High Street.

1984  (Sep/Oct)  Jim Reid (Vocals/Guitar/Mouth Organ) & Foundry Bar Band members Bob Dewars (Accordian), Chae Geddes (Fiddle) & Sandy Beattie (Double Bass), record the album  'I Saw The Wild Geese Flee',  including just that  immortal  Violet Jacob poem transformed perfectly into the song 'Norland Wind'.  Another track, 'The Foundry Bar', to the tune of  'Mull Of Kintyre', humorously celebrates Arbroath's famous hostelry in East Mary Street.   Clips above.....

1984 (Oct 31)  The Bothy Lounge at 3 Millgate closes.

1984 (Nov 13)  The Abbeygate Shopping Centre opens with entrances on to High Street, Lordburn & one to a new car parking area at what is now the SW end of a truncated Applegate. It is owned by East Angus Co-operative Society.

1984 ( approx ) ' The Watt Line: a short history of the Watts of Orkney, Arbroath, Gamrie & related families ', by Flora Euphemia Watt, is published in St. John's, Michigan, USA.


Radio North Angus

Arbr Vics  +  Geo Best '82


The 'Sharridale' AH 68

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"....and far abin the Angus straths, I sa'

the wild geese flee...."


Norland Wind

'The Foundry Bar'





The Palace Cinema in 1982

- by 1984 it will be no more than a bingo hall

BritLeg Xmas Party Dec 1981

(Left) Royal British Legion Ladies Section & guests at their Xmas party in December 1981: Back row (from left) Jim Middleton, Hugh McCashby, Bob Allan, Betty pearson, Sandy Smith, Georgina Ogilvy, Willie Martin, Willie Gordon, Jim Wallace, Vera Martin, John Tolan. Front (from left) Jessie Toban, Helen Middleton, Helen Martin, Violet Bruce, Winnie Archer, Mary Millar, Jessie Thompson, Tina Lumsden, Betty McKenzie, Louise Milne, Louise McCaskill

Image copyright Arbroath Herald