1990 (Jan)  The Seaforth Hotel is bought by Bob & Christine Tindall.

1990 (Feb)  'Christie's'  public house occupies 82 High Street.

1990  (Feb)  Arbroath Musical Society's production this year is 'The King & I'.

1990 (May)  'The Curtain Track' opens at 182 High Street.

1990 (May)  Paul Mutter finds a water worn boulder of reddish old

red sandstone (190cm x 34cm x 26cm) whilst digging his garden. The

flattened upper face displays a Latin cross with expanded terminals.

1990  (Jun)  Arbroath West Kirk on Keptie Street is formed by the

union of St Margaret's and Ladyloan St Columba's.

1990 (Jun 21)  The Ark Housing Assoc's new scheme on Burnside

Drive is opened by Liz McColgan, the Dundee born athlete.

1990  AAVO (Angus Assoc of Volantary Org's) is founded in High St.

1990  Alps Electric Co. open premises in Arbroath & will employ 180 people until the plant closes in 2001.

1990  Tom D. Alexander's Greyhound Coach business is sold to Tayside Public Transport Company. The 'Greyhound' name survives.

1990  The Parish Church, Kirk Square, closes on it's amalgamation with Abbey Church.

1990  A further 10,000 sq. ft. of factory area is built at John M. Henderson's Kirkton complex.

1990  The bar at 23 Keptie Street changes back from the 'Malacca' to The 'Imperial'.

1990  The Voigt Partnership purchase Erskine Church in Commerce Street.

1990 (Oct 19) The Palais Bingo, James St. closes.  Hillcrest Housing Association buy the property from Granada Leisure for housing.

1990  (Aug) The left & right stain glass windows on the Chancel are transferred from Ladyloan St Columba's Church to St Margaret's.

1990  (Oct) (see above) Both Transept stain glass windows are transferred.

1990  The church building in James St (previously Inverbrothock Church,

closed 1977), is sold to the Arbroath Baptist Church. See 1992.


1991  The population is 19,934.

1991  (Feb)  Arbroath Musical Society's production this year is 'Show Boat'.

1991  Arbroath Rugby Club is formed.

1991  Angus Mental Health Assoc. founded.

1991  New flats are built at Almerie Close, close to the location of Old

Almerie Close.

1991 (Oct 18) Arbroath Museum - Signal Tower,

after renovation, is reopened by MP Andrew Welsh.

1991  John M Henderson's Kirkton Plant is extended to accommodate

relocated staff from it's Aberdeen office, the closure of which has ended a 125 year

relationship with the city.

1991  Ella Cargill is featured on Grampian TV's 'The Way It Was', discussing the family's holiday

films of 1932-1935 produced by George May and now held by the National Library of Scotland.

1991  The 'Palace', James Street, closes.

1991  Bob Hall's garage at 1 Burnside Drive has closed.

1991  A facilities complex is built at the Red Lion Holiday Park, including an indoor pool,

steam room, spa pool, sauna, games room, snack bar, lounge & the Lions Head bar.


1992  (Jan 22)  Francis Webster, weavers in Arbroath since 1795, are put into receivership.

1992 (Jan26) Police Office opens at Lordburn. Parkhouse Primary School stood here 1875-1973.

1992  (Feb)  Arbroath Musical Society's production this year is 'Annie Get Your Gun'.

1992  (Mar 2)  The Post Office counter is re-located from Hill Street to the Safeway supermarket.

1992 (Mar 26) The old red telephone boxes (styled on Etruscan tombs) are replaced by modern BT kiosks.

1992  (Apr)  Pert's furniture business takes over 104-108 High Street.

1992  PBM (Peterson, Brown & McGill) of Kirkton become Pioneer Power Tools Ltd.

1992  'Parliamo Aberbrothock' by Walter Gray is published.

1992 (-93)  Arbroath FC reach quarter finals of Scottish Cup but lose 3-0 to Rangers.

1992  Safeway take over Presto's site at Gravesend.

1992  (Aug)  St Margaret's Church dedicates it's new hall extension.

1992  The '277 Cafe' takes over 277 High Street, previously 'Truffles' confectioners.

1992  (Oct 5) The H.O.P.E. Garden Trust is founded.

1992 (Oct 30)  The Saltire Leisure Centre opens at 58 Montrose Road, built on the former childrens' play area.

1992 (Nov) 'Iceland' Foods opens at Units 12-13, Abbeygate Shopping Centre.

1992  (Dec)  The 'Palace' building in James Street (opened in 1940, & the last of three buildings roughly on this site serving as theatre, cinema, roller skating rink & bingo hall since 1901 & most often named 'Palace', is demolished. It will be replaced by a housing development.

1992  The total value of the assets of the Arbroath Common Good Fund currently stand at £488,667.38


1993 (Feb)  The remaining two thirds of the Bathing Pool is demolished.

1993  (Feb)  Arbroath Musical Society's production this year is 'My Fair Lady'.

1993 (Mar)  'The Streets Of Arbroath' by Lawrence R. Burness is published by the Herald Press.

1993  (Apr)  82 High Street is renamed the 'Deil's Heid' public house.

1993 (May 15) The Inverbrothock Baptist Centre opens in the old Inverbrothock Church, James St.

1993  (Jun)  The pool of the Public Baths (closed in 1985) is removed to allow the rear of the building to be developed into flats.

1993  (Jun)  Three box like stone structures, later considered to be a post medieval (1560 - ) drain, are discovered by a local school teacher on the cliffs at Whiting Ness.

1993  The Lifeboat boathouse & slipway are modified for the new 'Mersey' class Lifeboat 'Inchcape' which arrives in August, replacing the 'Rother' class boat.

1993  Club Metro (previously 'Bally's') opens.

1993  1 Catherine Street is once again ' The Waverly Hotel ', after the closure of 'Legs Disco Bar'.

1993  The Cargill Gallery (formerly the 'Picture This' shop), opens at 52 High Street.

1993  Ian Wight's photo shop at 29 Millgate closes.

1993  Angus College achieves corporate status.

1993  ZigZak Computers open at 34 Keptie Street.

1993  Arbroath FC receive £120,000 transfer fee for Paul Tosh.

1993  (Oct 11)  Andy Stewart, our 'Scottish Soldier', dies in Arbroath. His funeral is held at St Andrew's Church.

1993  An excavation by 4 archaeologists on the NW corner of the Marketgate/Ladybridge junction finds remains of

Yorkshire pottery & a single shard of German stoneware dating from the 1200s to the 1400s.

1993  (At 23 Keptie Street, the upstairs level becomes the ' Boogie Bar '.

1993 (94 ?)  The 'Plough & Harrow' public house at 3 Fisheracre becomes 'Callaghan's'.


1994  (Jan 29)  Work begins on developing the rear of the old Public Baths into residential flats.

1994  (Feb)  Arbroath Musical Society's production this year is 'Phil The Fluter'.

1994  The West Links is refurbished. A nine hole putting green & the 'Leisure Bowl' adjacent to the Seaforth Hotel open.

1994  (Apr 4)  The 100 year old 'Black Shed' at the harbour is damaged by fire.

1994  (Apr)  'Costcutter' open at 27-29 Montrose Road in the premises which had housed 'Mace' until this year.

1994 Work starts on H.O.P.E. Garden after Hospitalfield Trust offers rent free land.

1994  Angus, which has been 'dissolved' since 1975, is re-established by this year's Local Government Act.

1994  Arbroath's telephone numbers change: pre-fix 0241 becomes 01241 & the  existing 5 digit number is now prefixed by '8'.

1994  The 'Taste of India' opens at 30 Millgate.

1994  James B. Craig, china shop, at 37 Millgate, the trading name retained by four owners since 1839, closes.

1994  China Corner (courtesy of Moira & Robin McNeal) open for business at 225 High Street.

1994  The Windmill Hotel becomes Windmill House again as the Hotel closes.

1994  (Oct)  Home-Start Angus is launched in Dens Road.

1994 (Oct 22)  The Oasis Meeting Place opens on Lindsay Street.

1994  (Oct 28)  'Uncle Buck's Diner' (a short lived venture) opens at 59-61 Ladybridge Street.

1994 (Nov)  St Ninian's at Brothock Bridge is being used by Arbroath FC s Supporters Club.

1990 - 1994


H.O.P.E. Garden at Hospitalfield

1992-3 Arbroath FC

reach quarter finals

4515387493.jpg 4516395046_196x264.jpg

Arbroath Museum - Signal Tower

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The new Police Office

at Gravesend

Andy sings

'The Muckin' O'

Geordie's Byre'

Old Church - Patrick Anderson

The Old (Parish) Church in Kirk Square closes 1990.

Image permission of Patrick Anderson

Arbr West Kirk

1990: St Margaret's becomes Arbroath West Kirk

A recording (made in July 1972) of the

Parish Church Steeple Bell, Kirk Square