2006  (Jan)  An all weather sports pitch is opened at Arbroath High School.

2006  (Jan)  The Seaforth Hotel is acquired by Steven Smith of Planet Projects

2006  (Jan)  Mary Beattie's florist business now occupies 257 High Street.


2006  (Feb 4)  The business of A K Adamson, established  at 7-9 Keptie Street in 1903, closes it's doors for the last time.

2006  (Feb 15)  The harbour redevelopment begins on the site of Gerrards old boatbuilding yard & the lorry park.  The construction includes a new roundabout, a visitor reception & orientation centre, a restaurant, cafe, public toilets, two retail units& office accomodation.

2006 (Feb) Abbotsford Rd/ playpark refurb starts, to be renamed Cliffburn Community Park.

2006 (Feb)  The Seaforth Hotel closes for 6 months while extensive refurbishment takes place.

2006  (Feb 23) The Child Protection HQ opens in Bellvue House, Springfield Terrace .


2006 (Mar) Doug Ford, sportsman & fundraiser, named Arbroath Citizen Of The Year 2005.

2006 (Mar)  Arbroath's James Ouchterlony, mountain biker, is named Sports Personality of the Year at the Angus Sports Awards.

2006  (Mar 10)  'Paradise Computers' replace Abdul Ahmed's 'Nickel & Dime' shop at 147 High Street.

2006  (Mar 16)  'Fusion Hair' opens at 4 Keptie Street.

2006 (Mar)  Barnardo's childrens charity opens it's new office at 22-24 Catherine Street.













2006  (Apr 5)  'GASP' open at 147 High Street.

2006  (Apr 6)  686 years after the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath, the Arbroath Abbey Pageant Society re-enact the town's most famous day. The night too is filled with traditional sounds, as musicians across the burgh entertain townsfolk & it's many visitors.

2006 (Apr)  Arbroath Rugby Club win Caledonian Midlands League championship.

2006 (Apr)  Crudie Farms proposes 10ha of land west of Hospitalfield be developed into 120 residential dwellings. Land near Railway Sta. earmarked as new car park & offices.

2006 (Apr)  Marie Knight moves to 255 High Street, trading as 'Something Old Something New'.

2006 (Apr)  Matt Kerr dies aged 62.  Thanks to him, his father & a team of tireless helpers, Kerr's Miniature Railway has enhanced Arbroath's image since 1935.













2006 (May) Arbroath FC , beaten 2-1 by Alloa at the semi final play-off, lose their chance of promotion to the 2nd division.

2006  (May 11)  Angus Archives (The Hunter Library, Restenneth Priory), hosts it's first 'Drop In Day'.

2006  (May)  Cafe Marmaris is opened at 261 High Street by Gencer Genc & his sister Sultan Eroglu.

2006  (May)  Hayshead primary School receives a £630,000 upgrade.

2006  (May)  The Webster Hall closes for major refurbishment - perhaps until January 2008.

2006  (May 25)  Arbroath born Professor Anne Glover is appointed Chief Scientific Advisor to Scotland.

2006  (Jun 1)  Morna Brown is the new President of the Arbroath Musical Society for 2006-8.

2006  (Jun 9) ' Urban ' Ladies & Gents oufitters, owners Claire & Dawn McGuigan, opens at 12 Keptie Street.

2006  (Jun)  Cliffburn Community Park opens.

2006  (Jun)  'The Declaration' Bar at 99 High Street closes.

2006  (Jun 23)  John Burt, Principal of Angus College is awarded an OBE.

2006  (Jun 30)  McKay Boat Builders celebrate their 40th anniv. & the opening of the refurbished 1822 sailcloth store, now administration offices.




'in 2006, 'Cafe Rendezvous' closes at 1 Millgate'.


2006  Jan - Jun

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James Ouchterlony

Sportsman of the year

 Matt Kerr June 1999 - courtesy    

of the Matt Kerr collection


A new year dawns on Arbroath - image courtesy Derek Robertson

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The Harbour Visitor

Centre's Progress




4512362094.jpg 4512362083.jpg 2006 Jul - Dec Webster refurb starts May 2006

In May, the Webster Theatre closes until Jan 2008