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2007  Jan - June

Jan:  Arbroath born author Ruaridh Nicoll presents ' The Patriot Games - The Making Of The Union' on BBC2 Scotland.








Jan:  The Arbroath Herald appoints Mr Brian Stormont as their seventh editor since the newspaper was founded in 1838. He joined the newspaper in 1989.

Jan:  Part of the Common Good land next to Tutties Neuk is to be rented to the owner for use as a mesh covered grass car park. It will accomodate not only the vehicles of restaurant patrons but also those of visitors to events held on the Low Common.

Jan:  Including those lost from 45 Commando, Condor, a total of 46 UK troops have died in Afghanistan since 2001.

Jan:  A further pontoon (adding 18 more berths to Arbroath Marina's current 36) is planned for completion by June this year. Pontoon use by visiting vessels has increased encouragingly: 105 visits in 2004 (the opening year), 172 in 2005, and 182 in 2006.

Jan:  ' The Wishing Well ' opens at 14 Keptie Street.

Jan:  Police officer & voluntary worker Paul Hardie receives the Beacon Prize for Scotland in recognition of his dedicated CAFE Project work assisting the development of young people from deprived backgrounds.

Jan:  Work starts on building Halfords motor accessories & Acorn Pet Centres Ltd next to Focus in Westway Retail Park.

Feb:  The Arbroath Herald's survey to establish the townsfolk's preference of Seaforth Hotel replacement reveals: 56% A new hotel, 36% a leisure facility, 8% housing.

Feb:  The Scottish Wildlife Trust's improvements to the clifftop pathway & access to the Seaton Cliffs Wildlife Reserve which enjoys the status of a Site Of Special Scientific Interest, are now complete. Work commenced in April 2005.








Feb:  It is calculated that the current impressive safety record on the Arbroath - Dundee A92 dual carriageway, projected over the next 20 years, would, on saved expenditure, cover it's £53M building cost.

Feb:  The Mayfield Terr. regeneration has begun at Cliffburn in a 3 stage programme:  Phase 1 - Demolition of flats 36-53.  Phase 2 - Removal of the flats above the shops.  Phase 3 - Landscaping of the surrounding area.











Mar:   Kerr's Miniature Railway steams proudly into the future thanks to Matt Kerr's widow Jill & their son John. Their efforts are acknowledged in the presentation of the Arbroath Herald's 'Citizen of the Year' award. Matt's father established the much loved seafront attraction in 1935.

Mar:  Consuls General from Europe, China, Malawi & Taipei are welcomed to the town by Provost Bill Middleton. Entering the Abbey, where they are musically entertained by Stonehaven's 'Trybe', their  flags are borne aloft by Arbroath Academy pupils.

Mar (8):  Mackay Boatbuilders win a major contract to restore Dundee's 'RRS Discovery'.

Mar:  Jake Ferrier & Arthur Walker become the new management team at Arbroath Victoria FC.

Apr:  Sea Fest will hugely benefit from Brunton Farms pledge to donate £10,000 per annum for 3 years towards the event's costs.














Apr (15)  Respected Arbroath golfer Richard ('Rich') Cargill dies aged 69.

Apr (21)  Arbroath FC fail to gain the Division 3 Championship when they are beaten 1-0 (away) by Berwick Rangers.

Apr (25) 45 Commando's Marines are returning home after a six month tour of duty in Afghanistan.









              Three storey flats are being constructed beside the St Thomas Bar in James Street.

May (2) This year's Smokie Blues Festival is cancelled when the Council's decision on funding is deferred.

May (3)  Andrew Welsh (SNP) returns as MSP for Angus on a day of monumental significance for his party throughout Scotland. The coumt is : A. Welsh (SNP) 15,686,  A. Johnstone (Scottish Conservatives) 7,443,  D. Bradley (Labour) 5,032 & D. Rennie (Liberal Democrat) 3,799.

May (3) Arbroath's electoral wards, now reduced to simply (a) Arbroath West & Letham & (b) Abroath East & Lunan, each have 4 councillors elected. For (a) these are: David Fairweather (Ind), David Lumgair (Scot Cons & Unionist), Alex King (SNP) & Peter Nield (Scot Lib Dem). For (b) the elected are: Jim Millar (Scot Cons & Unionist)), Donald Morrison (SNP), Robert Ritchie Spink (Ind) & Sheena Welsh (SNP).

May (4)  'Shelter', raising money for homeless people across Scotland, open premises on High Street.

May(10) Arbroath F.C., after a poor end to a promising season, lose club captain Marc McCulloch to Dublin's Shelbourne F.C.

May (17)  Tesco's planned store on the site of the old Westburn Foundry at Stobcross is given the Scottish Executive's blessing despite Angus Council's concerns over road safety issues.

May:  Arbroath Library's Karen Findlay unearths 1841-2 issues of The Arbroath Journal whilst assisting Canadian Gordon Troup of Alberta to trace the publications of his great, great, great, great grandmother who founded the newspaper in 1836. Mr. Troup generously donates a microfilm copy of the Arbroath Journal's files to the library. (See 1836, 1916).

May:  Despite the substantial SNP gains nationwide, the party lose their 20 year control of Angus Council as the 'Angus Alliance' (an assortment of non SNP members), appoint Ruth Leslie Melville as Angus Provost.

May (24): St Vigeans Museum will be modernised, extended by 30m2 (subject planning permission),& have seasonal staff provided thanks to an investment of £90k by Historic Scotland. The work should span September '07 to it's reopening summer '08.

May (24):  Work by Mackay Boatbuilders commences on RRS Discovery's restoration.

Jun (15)  Severely restricted dock gate opening times anger Marina users.

Jun (19)  The forthcoming 'comedy/drama' movie 'Stone of destiny' traces our wee stane's holiday from Westminster in 1950-51, thanks to the efforts of 4 students (leader Ian Hamilton) who eventually left it (quite suitably) in Arbroath Abbey. The MOS Film Company's £6m film, directed by Charles Martin Smith & starring Charlie Cox as Hamilton, from whose book ' The Taking Of The Stone' the movie is derived, will feature scenes within the Abbey (which won't have changed overmuch since 1951).

Jun (21)  For services to Further Education, Arbroath's Brenda Ross recieves an MBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours List.

Jun (27)  Andrew Welsh is elected convener of the Finance Committee of theScottish Parliament.

Jun (30)  The first section of the Harbour Visitor Centre, 'The Old Boatyard Restaurant', opens, welcoming folk from far & wide to a rejuvenated harbour area. Glazed around most of it's perimeter, the restaurant affords the visitor vistas of the Marina, the Lifeboat Station, the Harbour entrance, breakwater & The Arbroath Museum - Signal Tower. See July 1 pics :








Arbroath Marina - summer 2006




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Arbroath's cliffs - now an even more attractive prospect


Street lights still burning, Arbroath's Ladyloan awakes on March 3rd 2007, the Harbour Visitor Centre nearing completion on the right.

300 years have passed since Scotland's parliament shamefully signed a treaty of union with England. With current elections looming, the Declaration ceremony re-enacted on April the 6th, 2007 at Arbroath Abbey is a timely reminder of what Scotland can again become - a free and independent nation.

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D. Bradley (Lab)  

A. Johnstone (Scot. Cons.)  A. Welsh (SNP)

D. Rennie (Lib. Dem.)

The eagerly awaited and quite spectacularly designed Harbour Visitor Centre is close to opening....

4516781397_233x175.jpg 4517400656_266x168.jpg 4516840937_140x187.jpg 4516781662_368x182.jpg 2007 Jul - Dec

The music of Stonehaven's

' Trybe ' stirs visitors'

passion on April 6th

AArbroath Marina offers a secure entrance accessing 53 floating pontoon berths serviced with electricity & water, accomodating

all types of leisure craft.

Half height dock gates with walkway are located between the Marina & the Outer Harbour, maintaining a minimum Marina depth of 2.5 metres.

Arbroath Marina Reeds Nautical Almanac

Map and information courtesy of :

Bill Spink of

M&M Spink

(fish merchants & smokers) describes

his life & trade




this film (copyright Richard Goodwin & Ann Blaber)

 Smokies the Bill Spink way

Vanishing Trades Bill Spink - Smoker