Harbour housing development - a 9.1.13 billboard s


An Arbroath Timeline

Groudwork is underway on the new housing development by the Marina. This is what

it will look like on completion...

Feb (13) (below, left) A new Montrose Road / Bearfauld Road junction is being formed as 'Monarch's Rise' housing development progresses.












Jun (8)  Andrew Blain Baird dies at Little Cairnie Hospital at the age of 93 . He was the son of Andrew Blain Baird 1, the man who lifted Scotland to the skies on the first powered flight in our country. The event occurred on the sands of Ettrick Bay, Isle of Bute on the 17th Sept, 1910. Although the Baird Monoplane, designed and constructed in Scotland, enjoyed no commercial success itself, elements of it's construction were employed in the famous WW1 'Sopwith Camel' biplane, important to Britain's progress during the Great War.


Aug (3 - 4)  This year's 'Seafest' around the harbour area includes some great performers - The Declaration Band, Ian Bruce, Shep Woolley, Around 7, The Limelight Company, Kimber's Men, Gaye Anthony, Ron Gardner, Arbroath Instrumental Band, Sky Riot, Showcase The Street & many more.



Oct (25) D. Adam & Co. Ltd, electrical contratcors at James Street since 1957, relocate to new premises at Baden Powell Road, Kirkton Ind. Estate, a healthy sign as businesses nationwide report a slow but steady recovery in the aftermath of the economic downturn.


Dec (13) Lieutenant Colonel Cheesman MBE RM becomes the new commanding officer at RM Condor, taking over from Lt Col Mike Tanner.

Monarch's Rise - new junction 13.2.13

Audio on this page : Psalm 91,                performed by John Jarvie

Baird Monoplane in 1910

The Baird Monoplane in 1910

A few Seafest performances