Abbey early May 2011


The year when Scotland's people will be asked

in an autumn referendum if they wish their nation to

attain full independence. Arbroath this year may find

itself a focus of attention, being the location of the signing of our nation's proclamation of that status on the 6th of April 1320.


Scotland awaits your decision...

An Arbroath Timeline

Jan 15  At Arbroath Marina, John Swankie takes delivery of a 12 metre, 8 tonne fibreglass boat to cater for both sightseeing and rod fishing. Bought from a Devon source, the vessel (currently named 'Spot On') will be renamed 'Ardent'. It has capacity for 12 passengers and 2 crew. Mr Swankie also owns the 'Heather Isle', serving visitors and rod fishermen on Bell Rock and coastal trips. The 'Crystal Tide', his previous vessel sold last year, was the last white fish trawler to work from Arbroath.

Jan 26  Arbroath policeman Darren Burnett becomes Mens Singles Indoor Bowls World Champion.


Feb 28  Brian Forsyth, Associate Editor of the Arbroath Herald, retires today. He joined the newspaper in 1967, becoming Chief Reporter on Nor Riddle's retirement and Associate Editor when George S. Shepherd became Chairman. Stan Mackie, photographer also retires today, having joined the Herald in 1997.


May 30 Arbroath's Sheriff Court, built in 1803 closes, business being transferred to Forfar Sheriff Court. The court closure is one of 11 in Scotland.

Darren Burnett becomes Mens Singles World Indoor B

Darren Burnett

- Indoor Bowls

World Champion


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Town House, now Court Jul 18 06





30th May