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A town's timeline -  & what a fascinating journey it is !



The ancient - the old - the recent - and the exciting                of Arbroath

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Nowadays it's not so far to Arbroath from anywhere - perhaps you should put her in your diary for this year !

Once you've visited us - visit all of Scotland !

Once you've visited us - visit all of Scotland !

    A very warm welcome to you - and yes, may I confirm that you have indeed reached the right place : Arbroath is where St Vigeans kirk was being raised 900 years ago and where that iconic Abbey was being pushed heavenwards 800 years ago. Yes, it was from this place also that a call for Scottish freedom rang out almost 700 years ago, and just won't stop ringing. These alone are a wonderful legacy to bequeath a town but Arbroath is more than even that - seven centuries more . . . . .


   This is not, of course, THE timeline - for that you'll need to trawl through Angus Archives, the Public Library & page by page through the 'Arbroath Herald' from it's first issue.  This site seeks to avoid the trawling & although entries here are fairly brief (see 'SOURCES' for more), hopefully, we are gradually building a useful 'at a glance' directory of the town's chronology in one compact website. The index should help you to locate the references held on lots of Arbroath related people & events.  The 'Arbroath Herald' features a weekly 'Those Were The Days' - a full page of vintage photos & facts.


    Visitors to 'An Arbroath timeline' sometimes have a question they'd like answered. If you can help please refer to the    ' Questions & Answers' page. A substantial help to the timeline has been information drawn from Derek Hollingworth's History of Arbroath which is gratefully acknowledged.


    Building this site has certainly confirmed my suspicion that Arbroath is a rather special place - but then a lot of you are perfectly aware of that  !   Enjoy your journey along Arbroath's timeline,


A' the best,  Brian

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ps   When reading an Arbroath year, you might wonder what the rest of the world was doing at that

time. Click the 'Global' link at the start of each century ( start of each decade 1900-79, each year 1980-1999 ).


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Question:  Which

other town boasts a Pageant, Seafest, Tuttie's In The Park, the Bell Rock Blues Festival

& Smokies ?

Answer: Eh....None !

Auchmithie Roots

For Harry Lawrence snr 1912-1995,   Nessie Lawrence 1906-1996,   Harry Lawrence jnr & all folk with Arbroath connections...