Declaration Day 6th April 2010

( tartan day )


 Click play & follow the images to get a flavour of a wonderful evening

001a Lighting the torches

 Lighting The Torches

003 Parade - Fit O' The Toon

 Parade - Fit O' The Toon

008 Parade - arriving Abbey

 Arrival At The Abbey

017 Narrator 1

 Timethemes Narrator

018 Michael Fayne and Alan Mowatt

 Michael Thane & Alan Mowatt

026a Dancers - Salsa



030 Bessie + Jessie

 'Bessie & Jessie'

021 Alison Hart 022 Maggie Findlay 023 Matt Masson 024 Dan Lafferty



 Alison Hart

 Mark Masson

 Dan Laverty

032 Ewan & Greg Barrack 037 Piper trio

 Ewan & Kerr Barrack

 RBLS Pipe Band trio

039 Signing 1 042 Signing 4

 King Robert gives his approval

 The procession approaches

040 Signing 2 098 Outro

 The Declaration

is ready for a

final signature...

A warm thank you

to all participants for a very fine evening indeed !

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