EB09 Sun Sand

Electric Lunan '09


(Jul 3-4)

A weekend to tell your grandchildren about.....

Electric Lunan '09

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10 short clips from Saturday - the old editor missed Friday & some of Saturday ( he'd to be tucked up in his bed for half eleven ) but hopes this gives a flavour of a wonderful summer's day beneath Lunan's cliffs - so far east he swears he could see Norwegian, Danish & Dutch fans waving from

their shores. A huge thank you to Ailsa & the team & all the bands for an unforgettable event.

 The Ray Summers

 The Boy Orchestra

 Atlas Skye

 The Floor


 Lunan Bay - sending all the right signals to Europe !

 Quiver & The Lady Snatchers

 Any Colour Black

 The Xcerts

Make Sparks

Make Sparks