Who is 'An Arbroath Timeline' ?

If you have roots leading back to Aberbrothock then you are and what you remember.

Your father & mother & what  information they have. Your grandparents & great grandparents & their memories.

And fewer generations ago than you may think, a someone who looks perhaps just a little familiar is standing in awe before a brand new Abbey & a fledgling Aberbrothock.  You may feel  "oh, that was then, this is now - surely there's no connection"

.......but what's that silently tugging at your soul ?

      Aye....it's found you.

   You with the proud history.

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1946 :  1 Abbey Path  ( left to right )  the editor's grandmother, his father ( straight from Frasers ), his mother & a wee him.

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At the start of this timeline I suggested that

Arbroath is a special place. I hope these pages have confirmed this for you. Wherever you hail from, many thanks for your interest and may your

next visit be in person....

Timeline visitors Jun 09 - Jan 10 incl

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June '09 to Jan '10 inclusive,

perhaps indicating in some cases where

emigrants from Arbroath & their descendents have established themselves