Global Arbroath

 Pioneering folk from the town have found their way to many countries - to ports with which they could develop vital trade - to install Arbroath made machinery in distant factories - to entertain on the world's stage, or to simply enhance their own lives when times were hard. Here are a few examples of how the world has changed Arbroath and how Lichties have shone their light around the rest of the world :

     The red sandstone that Arbroath is built on ( and indeed of ), has been a wanderer itself, originating around the equator 350m + years ago.

1.   Eire                      St Vigeans is named after St Fechin who dies in 664 AD.                    

2.  Norway:              Auchmithie starts as a Norse settlement around 1,000 AD.

3.  France:                Tiron is the origin of the Tironesian Order of monks. Within 5 years of it's creation, this order, to which Arbroath's monks                                                 belonged , owns 117 priories & abbeys in France, England, Wales, Scotland & Ireland.

                                 Avignon is the destination of the Declaration of Arbroath when it is carried to the Pope in 1320.

                                 The French privateer 'Fearnought' attacks Arbroath in 1781.

4.   Italy:                    The Cardinal of Ancona is the recipient of Abbey Commendator James Stewart, the Earl of Moray's resignation in 1517.

5.   Germany:           Arbroath begins to produce 'Osnaburgs' from 1738 - a coarse linen similar to the existing German product.

                                 Fine marble from Carmyllie Quarries is shipped from Arbroath in 1842 to floor Koln Cathedral.

6.   Russia / Latvia:  Riga supplies most of Arbroath's flax in 1800.

                                 The Russian flax crop failure causes huge job losses in the town in 1901.

                                 The Russian Revolution causes flax to become almost unobtainable in 1917.

7.   East Africa:         John Kirk, born in Arbirlot in 1833, is known as 'the suppressor of the slave trade in east Africa'.

8.   India:                  Arthur Saunders Thomson (born Arbroath 1816) is assistant surgeon in the British Army in Bombay between 1838 & 1842.

                                 Douglas Fraser & Sons are producing jute mill machinery for Calcutta in 1900.

                                 James Lyle McKay (b.1852, d.1932) is chairman of P & O which merge with the British India Co. in 1914.

9.   USA:                    Judy Garland's great grandfather, Charles Milne, is born in Arbroath in 1829..

                                 Thomas Moonlight of Boysack, after commanding in the Civil & 'Indian' wars, becomes Governor of Wyoming in 1887.

                                 'Durward Leli' ( James Durward Lyall ) operatic tenor from Arbroath, tours USA with Adelina Patti.

                                 David Dunbar Buick, born Arbroath 1854, founds the Buick Car Company in 1902.

                                 Harry Lauder, of an Arbroath mother & a lichtie from 1882-4, became an international entertainer, often visiting the USA.

                                 Andy Stewart (1933-93), Arbroath educated, follows in Lauder's footsteps & tours all countries with Scots' connections.

                                 Chicago's Blues Stars Spike Drivers & Steve Arvey headline Arbroath's 2nd Smokie Blues Festval in August 2005.

10.  Argentina:  Frasers equip an entire factory in 1884 with machinery made in Arbroath.  Mr & Mrs Hugh Fraser, visiting the Fabrica Argentina                                    De Alpargatas in Feb 1967, find the same machines functioning well. That family name still flourishes today in Argentina.

                           David & Kathleen Craig emigrate to Buenos Aires in 1923. Ironically their grandson fights against the UK Task Force in 1982.

11.   Crimea:       A cannon from the Crimean War stands on the Boulzie Hill until melted for munitions manufacture in 1940.

12.  The Arctic:   During WW2 Arctic convoys brave dreadful conditions. Arbroath man David Meek receives awards from Russia & the U.K.

13.  Iran:             Arbroath's Mrs Jean Waddell is detained with others on spying charges in Iran from Aug 1980 until end Feb 1981.

14.  Canada:      Pipe Major Robert Fraser from Arbroth forms the 'Lord Selkirk Boy Scout Band' in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1957.

                           In Nova Scotia, Mrs Jean Watson dreams up the idea of 'Tartan Day'.  It is, of course April 6th, the date of the Declaration of                                         Arbroath, Scotland's call for international recognition of it's independence.

                          Arbroath Library in May 2007 helps Gordon Troup of Alberta trace copies of the Arbroath Journal which his great, great, great                                      grandmother had founded in 1836.

15.  Afghanistan:    Marines from RM Condor engage Taliban forces in campaigns commencing in 2002 & 2006.

16.  New Zealand:  Arthur Saunders Thomson serves as military surgeon between 1847 & 1858.

                                James Malcolm Mason, born Arbroath 1864, is remembered for many contributions to New Zealand's public health system.

                                Arbroath policeman Darren Burnett wins the World Champion of Champions Bowls Final in Christchurch, Dec 2006.

17.  Bolivia           Thomas Moonlight of Boysack Muir is U.S. Ambassador to Bolivia 1893-1897.

18.  Australia       Louisa MacDonald of Arbroath is, in 1891, chosen as the Principal of Australia's first womens college in Sydney.

                            John Anderson Gilruth, military surgeon, research director & administrator, makes his presence felt first in New Zealand, & from                                 1908 in Australia where Gilruth Plains, Gilruth Avenue & the Gilruth Prize are all named in his honour. Born in Auchmithie 1871.

                            John Lamb of Arbroath buys 2 radio stations 1947 & 1954 & his own TV station (NBN-3) broadcasts in 1962.

19.  China                Arthur Saunders Thomson, military surgeon, at the fall of Peking, commands wintering force at Tientsin, & dies there Nov. 1860.

                                Arbroath piper Gordon Bruce accompanies Deputy 1st Minister Jim Wallace (2005) & plays his pipes on the Great Wall of China.

20.  Albania            The Rt. Hon. the first Lord Inchcape (Jas Lyle McKay, born Arbroath 1852) in 1921 is offered the crown of Albania, but declines.

21.   Malawi             Members of St. Andrews Church Youth Group help the community by working for 4 weeks in July 2007.

22.  Sweden            William Gibson ( & many another Scot ) trades with Sweden in the first three decades of the 1800s.

23. Catalunya         The editor visits Baix Ebre in 2005, finds it irresistible, and returns whenever he can !

24.  Korea               John M. Henderson win 24 million pound contract for coke oven machinery in 2007, the work completed in May 2009.

25.  Hawaii             Alexander Adams is Commander of King Kamehameha's sandalwood trading fleet & dies in Honolulu in 1871.

26.  Spain                In Teba, Anaducia, Sir James Douglas ( a Declaration signatory ) dies in battle assisting the Christian cause against the Moors.




                                Oh, you have more examples of Arbroath's global endeavours ?        Well, don't keep them to yourself.........





























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