Green Streets & Catherine Streets

A few of Arbroath's street names have played ' musical chairs ' over the years. For example on this 1822 map, two Green Streets are evident, one to the north side of Keptie Street and one to the south ! Neither have survived, Green St (south) being roughly where today's Gowan St stands, and Green St (north) in the current St Mary's St area. It was in this Green St that the great David Dunbar Buick was born.

Catherine St has got about a bit and of course has survived after her travels. As the map shows, the original street (perhaps where today's Jamieson & Garden

Streets are) is now gone. It was resurrected as shown by the red line 'A', with today's street

roughly on line 'B'.

I suspect the unnamed roads along the top (west) of the map follow roughly the line of Addison Place / W.Keptie St / Lochlands Street. If I'm wrong on any of this, please email & correct me !

Greens & Catherine Streets Buick, David Dunbar Buick 2004 Velite Concept

David D. Buick

and a 2004 Buick

Velite Concept