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2006  (Jul 6)  A new volunteer & resource centre opens in Guthrie Port.

2006  (Jul7)  Fraser Ogston's 'Ogston's Cafe Bar' opens at 99 High Street.

2006 (Jul 8) The fishing yawl 'Isabella Fortuna', built in Arbroath in 1890 & now in the care of the Wick Society, features in BBCs Reporting Scotland & Grampian TV.

2006  (Jul 15)  'Sun Studio' tanning centre opens at 145 High Street.

2006  (Jul) A wonderful spell of good weather assists the success of the Seafront Spectacular in Victoria Park, the Smokie Blues Festival across the town & Tutties In The Park Gala Day. (See 'Summer Days').

2006  (Jul)  Jill Kerr (Matt Kerr's wife) takes over the administrative running of the miniature railway.

2006  Ladbrokes take over occupancy of 220 High Street, formerly the Halifax Building Society.






2006  (Aug 3)  'Tombstoning', a novel by Doug Johnstone is published. Born & raised in Arbroath, he is the son of an AHS teacher.

2006  (Aug 9)  The Seaforth Hotel is destroyed in a fire visible from Montrose.

2006 (Aug)  Ian & Betty Pert retire, closing the family's 'wet fish' shop at 244 High Street which had been opened by Alex Pert 45 years earlier in 1961.

2006 (Aug 19,20)  The 10th Arbroath Sea Fest: The weather forecast blissfully wrong, every corner of the harbour area comes alive for it's anniversary special. (See sub-page 'Summer 2006').

2006  Openwork, mortgage agent, opens at 242 High Street.


2006 (Sep)  The Seaforth Hotel, it's structure too badly damaged to restore, is demolished.

2006  (Sep)  Duke's Bistro at 19 Market Place closes.

2006  (Sep)  'Moments' at 118 High Street closes.

'Chunky' had previously operated from this address.

2006  ('Autumn')  'Kutz' hairdressers opens at 130 High Street.

2006  At the Red Lion Holiday Park, an extension to the Lion's Head Bar

including a swimming pool & jacuzzi, is being constructed.

2006 (Sep)  The Harry Farmer Court homes for the elderly close.

2006 (Sep 23)  In the USA, Oklahoma City's 'Arbroath Pipe Band' tie for 1st place (and are awarded 2nd place in Grade 5 Band Competition) at the 13th McPherson Scottish Games in McPherson, KS, the adjacent State north.

2006  New gates to the Arbroath Museum - Signal Tower are installed.

2006 (autumn)  7-9 Keptie Street, formerly A.K.Adamson, outfitters, becomes a bookmaker as Ladbrokes open.



2006 (Oct 18)  David Meek, 81, veteren of WW2s Arctic Convoy runs, is awarded the 'Arctic Emblem'.

2006 (Oct)  Kessar Salimi, owner of 'The Bervie Chipper', gives it back it's old name, 'The Bell Rock'.

2006 (Oct)  Jessops of Leicester take over 214 High Street from the Photo Factory, run by MacKinnons of Dyce.

2006 (Oct 20)  New owners announced of 'The Waterfront' nightclub: Matt Brady, Jeff Marshall, Nadine & Lisa O'Brien.

2006 (Oct 26)  Royal Marine Gary Wright (22), of 45 Commando based at Condor, is fatally wounded during a suicide bomb attack in Afghanistan.



2006   The 'Arbroath Deli' opens at 221 High Street.

2006  (Nov 1)  'True Identity', a unisex & tanning salon, opens at 1 Commerce Street.

2006  (Nov 3)  New proposals for the Seaforth development are presented to Angus Council.

2006  (Nov 6)  Angus Housing Association begin work on 18 new 'affordable'

Cliffburn homes in Prosen Drive & Seafield Road.

2006 (Nov 8)  Arbroath's Mrs Annie Fox celebrates her 106th birthday (right).

2006  (Nov)  'Indigo Sun' tanning studio opens at 127 High Street.

2006  (Nov 18)  'Fuchia Noir' gift shop opens at 10 Keptie Street.

2006  (Nov)  In the UKTV Local Food Heroes Competition, the town's Iain R. Spink (5th generation Arbroath smoker) becomes Scottish Champion & goes on to acheive 3rd place in the UK overall. In the BBC Radio Food & Farming Awards in Birmingham he is also crowned Food Producer of the Year.

2006  (Nov 24)  268 High Street becomes 'Beckets'.

2006  (Nov 30)  A harbour infrastructure upgrade gets the go ahead (a raised seating area, stainless steel bollards & other fittings, new lighting, etc). The work will be carried out in two stages, the first to be complete by March '07 & the second between Oct '07 & Feb '08.


2006 (Dec 1)  'Cloud 9', beauty & hair salon, opens at 10 Westport.

2006 (Dec 8) Arbroath's Darren Burnett wins World Champion of Champions bowls final in Christchurch NZ.

2006 (Dec 9)  'Elevations Clothing' opens at 11 Fisheracre, previously a newsagents.

2006 (Dec 10)  High Winds cause extensive damage to the entrance & corner of Somerfield Supermarket, East Muirlands Rd.

2006  The Job Centre buildings on Millgate Loan are demolished to make way for a new flat development. The wall of the Centre had carried a fascinating royal cipher (left) showing a crowned 'EV111R' above the date 1936. This indicates a coronation had occurred but as the new King (Edward V111) had abdicated, no crowning had actually taken place - making the cipher a rare piece indeed !  Mr Patrick Anderson of Letham has been instrumental in saving this unique item from destruction & it is now being integrated into the new building.

2006  (Dec)  Arbroath Menswear at 173 High Street closes & is replaced at that address by Valys Menswear.

2006 (Dec) MacKays (ladies fashion) store of 195-197 High Street adopts the trading name 'M & Co'.

2006  The Arbroath Lifeboat 'Inchcape' has made 33 rescues this year.

2006  During this year the Arbroath Sports & Community Centre (the old Drill Hall, Marketgate) receives major renovation.

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2006  Jul - Dec


The 'Seaforth' has stood for 189 years.

Sea Fest Pipers


Sea Fest Saturday 2006

image copyright

Howard Cargill

 Seaforth House / Hotel  1817 - 2006

New Seaforth ?










A photograph by Steve Perks : the perfect 'Seaforth' memory

You can try this

at home.....












......but not at

the cliffs !

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4518753168.jpg 4518826155.jpg

Annie Fox - born 1900

Oklahoma ''Arbr Pipe Band''

Arbroath Pipe Band - Oklahoma !