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Here you can ask an Arbroath question for any visitor to answer.  Of course it may take a fair time, so the questions will remain here indefinitely. Visitors please check the older posts to see if your knowledge can provide assistance. 


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Arbroath Harbour Fishmarket 1973

S. and  E. Grimsby junction 1901

Rob K's question relates to the junction highlighted in red

 - can anyone answer, and if the buildings on this 1901 map are still relevant, does he mean the building

above or below the ' 14 ' ?

Joss Rock

Anyone know why

'Joss' rock just

south of Lunan Bay

is so called ?



See post from

Bruce Joss

Seaforth S

The Seaforth Hotel - See Alexander Ritchie's post...

Old Brewhouse Mar '06

The Old Brewhouse - this, or an adjacent

building at one time a ship's chandler ?

See Gordon MacGillvray's post regarding

another such business...

Helen St Lodging House

Helen Street 'Poorhouse' in the 1800s - can you help ?

Geo Hay's History of Arbr

 George Hay's indispensable 'History Of Arbroath', published in 1876.

The reprint can be purchased

at this website :

The Book Depository Parish Church & Spire Apr 1 '06

 The restored Old (Parish) Church at the head of Kirk Square.  Severly damaged by fire in 1892, it reopened in 1896.

( See Bill Denholm's post > )

Auchmithie before 1923

Auchmithie fishermen & their wives

( sometime before 1923 ) - see Allan's post of 5.10.11

Tuttie's Neuk, Gayfield, 1859

Tuttie's Neuk, Gayfield in 1859

- see Shona Moloney's post...

Click for larger


Glover St to Rope Works 1822 Glover St to Rope Walk 1901











 ( See

Janet Law's post

of 17.6.12 )

Dale Cottage Industrial School 1901


Andy Marshall's post

of 15.11.12

Brothock at E Grimsby-Ladybridge jnc 1859 East Mary Street to Ladybridge 1901 map

(left & right and above right) See

Robin Hallam's


of 10.12.12

Women at the mouth of the Brothock

(right)  Ladies from the fit o' the Toun taking advantage of the Brothock Burn at it's mouth (Danger Point) for washing their clothes. Thanks to the mills, the Brothock Burn apparently enjoyed raised temperatures !

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Dishland Town - 1822 map

Dishland Town - from the 1822 map


Inserted in response to Calum Strathie's query regarding the street name's derivation

Airlie Cres - Strathmore Ave, date uncertain

This image in response to Valerie Bird's question

about her birthplace, Strathmore Avenue (on the upper right, Airlie Cres to it's left).

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