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 Airlie Crescent vanishes


Much information on these four pages is summarised from 'The Streets of Arbroath', copyright Lawrence R. Burness 1992, Herald Press.

Lawrence Burness   1911 - 2004

 David Dunbar Buick remembered

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-  =  before

+  =  after

Abbey Green              1233 ? 1753 ?  extant      On Abbey land. The Town Council bought the Abbey precinct in 1753 & laid out the Abbey streets.

Abbey Park                      -1753         extant                                   "

Abbey Path                      -1753         extant                                   "    

Abbey Street                  -1753         extant                                   "

Abbot Street               +1859-1901    extant                                   "

Abbotsford Road         +1901-1961     extant       Sir Walter Scott's home near Melrose. His novel 'The Antiquary' was written in Arbroath.

Academy Lane              +1822-1859    extant                        Behind the Public Library, formerly the High School.

Academy Street          +1822-1859     extant                       Beside the Public Library, formerly the High School.

Adam Cargill Court      +1972-1990     extant                       Councillor Cargill served the town from 1946 to 1975.

Addison Place               +1859-1901     extant                       A Mrs Addison was the owner of Hillend Cottage at this location.

Aikman Road                +1972-1990     extant                       Perhaps specifically after John Aikman, burgh treasurer from 1608 to 1609.

Airlie Crescent            +1901-1961      + 1990                        The Earls of Airlie were Bailies of the Regality.

Albert Street              +1859-1901     extant                        Prince Albert, Queen Victoria's Consort.

Alexandra Place           +1859-1901     extant                        Queen Alexandra, wife of King Edward V11.

Allan Street                +1822-1859     extant       (Was Provost Wynd in 1822)  Provost Robert Allan served 1836-9, but maybe after a local wright.

Almerlie Close                 + 1653         extant       Where the Alms House originally stood. The present street only dates from AFTER 1990.

Alpha Hill                     +1972-1990    extant    

Alveston Gardens           1970  ?         extant                         A name requested by Archibald Briggs, an Arbroath tar producer.

Anderson Street            -1822           extant        Mr Anderson, auctioneer. Connected Dishlandtown & Gowan Streets until split by railway 1850.

Andownie Road             +1972-1990    extant

Andrew Barton Street +1961-1971     extant                        Admiral Andrew Barton. The street was built to house HMS Condor personnel.

Ann Street                  +1822-1859      1971         Ann Kyd, daughter of John Kyd, Laird of Muirlands.  TC compusory purchase of properties 1966.

Annesley Drive             +1901-1961     extant       Annesley Johnston, daughter of Provost James (or Wm. ?) Johnston who served 1802-5.

Annfield Drive                  1971           extant                         A former farm in the area.

Antiquary Gardens       +1990-2002    extant                         From Walter Scott's 'The Antiquary', written in Arbroath.

Antiquary Place            +1990-2002    extant                             "          "           "                 "                    "              "    

Applegate                       - 1445          extant      The gait (walk)  leading to the Abbey orchards. Ran High St to Gravesend, now only to Elgin Place.

Arbirlot Place                   1971           extant                         A cul-de-sac off Arbirlot Road.

Arbirlot Road                 - 1822          extant                         Leads towards Arbirlot from Keptie.

Arbirlot Road West     +1961-1971     extant         Followed existing old road. Continues Arbirlot Road from Westway.        

Arrott Street              +1822-1901      1971          Was replaced by a new Reform Street. Dedicated to a well loved local doctor, David Arrott.

Ash Grove                        1973           extant                        One of several streets named after trees.



Back Abbey Street         -1822           - 1901                         Former Abbey land.  Now named East Abbey Street.

Baden Powell Road          + 1990           extant                       Founder of the Scouts.

Bakers Wynd                 - 1822            extant                       Used to lead to the public bakehouse.

Baldovan Street             - 1901            extant                                            

Bank Street                    -1901            extant     In 1822 was simply 'Millgate Bank', part of the ancient raised beach running parallel to the sea.

Bankhead Crescent           1971            extant                        From a former local farm.

Bankhead Road             +1961-1971      extant                           "           "          "       "

Barbers Croft              +1822-1901      extant                Shown as a croft, not a street, on the 1822 map.

Barnet's Brae              +1901-1961       extant      Was the old Wardmill Road which adjoined the Lillies Wynd / Bog Lane junction.

Barngreen                       + 1822          extant     Site of the Abbey granaries. Was the area beside the street 'Town Head, which became Barngreen.

Bearfauld Road                                    extant

Beech Grove                     1973            extant                   One of several streets named after trees.

Beechwood Gardens        + 1990           extant

Beechwood Road          +1972-1990      extant

Bell Rock Lane                 1807 ?         - 1822        Where masons dressed the Lighthouse stones before erection on the Bell Rock.

Bellvue Gardens               1971             extant        From a former local villa.

Bellvue Place                    1971             extant            "           "         "      "

Benedict Road                - 1961            extant      The monks of Arbroath Abbey were of the Benedictine order. Street has been extended since '71.

Bernard Crescent         +1901-1961      extant       Bernard de Linton, Chancellor of Scotland & Abbot of Arbroath Abbey.

Birch Path                        1973            extant       One of several streets named after trees.      

Bishoploch Road           +1961-1971       extant        From the former farm in this area.

Bloomfield Crescent         1971            extant         From the large local house of this name.

Bloomfield Gardens          1971            extant                     "              "            "           "

Bloomfield Place           +1961-1971      extant                     "              "            "           "

Bloomfield Road              -1971            extant                      "              "            "           "

Bog Lane, The Bog          -1822            - 1961       The old names of Grant Road. Named The Bog on the 1822 map & Bog Lane on the 1901 map.

Boulzie Hill Place          +1972-1990      extant       A cannon from the Crimean War overlooked Hill Road, or were Bools (Bowls) played here ?.

Braeheid                      +1972-1990      extant       Head of the brae (slope) running down to St Vigeans.

Braick's Wynd                 -1822           -1901         Braick is unknown.  Became Church St, but the name is now revived for the new houses there.

Brechin Place                    1971            extant

Brechin Road                   -1901            extant       Originally St Vigeans Road, then Brechin Old Road.

Brechin Old Road            - 1822           -1901         Originally St Vigeans Road.

Bridge Street                  -1822           extant      Connected West Port with Panmure St. at the Brothock, but now just reaches Weavers Close.

Brothock Bridge               1840            extant       Previously Horner's Wynd Bridge, then Shambles Bridge around 1822.

Brothock Mill Place      +1990-2002     extant       From the old Mill opened by James Watt, demolished in 1985.

Brothock Way                  1971            extant        After the Brothock Water.

Bruce Road                   +1901-1961     extant        King Robert the Bruce, who signed the Declaration of Scottish independence here in 1320.

Buick Rigg                    +1990-2002     extant       David Dunbar Buick, born Arbroath 1854, founded the Buick Car Company in the USA.

Burnside Drive                 1973            extant       Beside the Brothock Burn (Water). Part of the inner relief road, the rest of which is Ladyloan.

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