Caenlochan Gardens    +1972-1990    extant      Cean = head,  Lochan = small loch. Found at the north end of Keptie Pond (Keptie Loch ?).

Cairnie Crescent            - 1961          extant      Cairnie = small fort. The original mansion of the Laird of Cairnie stood at the top of St Vigeans Rd.

Cairnie Loan                   - 1901          extant                  "

Cairnie Place                  - 1990          extant                  "

Cairnie Road               +1901-1961      extant                  "      Was still Forfar Road on the 1901 map.

Cairnie Street               - 1822          extant                  "

Cairniehill Gardens     +1972-1990     extant                  "

Campbell Crescent         + 1990          extant

Camperdown Drive         - 1961           extant     The British Naval victory.

Camus Road                   - 1961            extant     Danish general who landed north of Arbroath & died at Barry when met by Malcolm 11s forces 1010.


Carnegie Street            - 1901          extant       C. C. Strachan Carnegie of Tarrie.        

Catherine Street (1)     - 1822         - 1901        The first lay on the south side of Keptie St, roughly where Addison Place & Jamieson St are now.  Catherine Street (2)     + 1822         extant       The current street has grown & now reaches Burnside Drive. Named after Catherine Lindsay.

Cellarer's Ford              - 1822         - 1822        The option before Stobcross Bridge was built.

Chalmers Street          1841-1901      extant       Patrick Chalmers of Aldbar, MP for the Angus Burghs 1835, 1837 & 1841.      

Charles Avenue             - 1961           extant       Charles Kinnear was an architect in the Burgh offices. The avenue was much extended around 1972.

Church Street            -1822+1901     extant       Was Braick's Wynd, revived in recent development off this street.  Glasite Church stood here.

Cliffburn Road               - 1961          extant       Cliffburn House took it's name from the burn (stream) which flowed across Victoria Park.

Cliffburn Terrace       -1961+1971                              "           "

Cliffview Court              +1990         extant        The Ness can be viewed nicely from here.

Clova Avenue                 - 1961         extant         Glen Clova, one of the Angus glens.              

Clyde Court                   + 1990         extant

Cobgate                         - 1445        - 1822          One of the old names for part of High St.

Colvill Place                   + 1822         - 1901          John Colvill was Town Clerk from 1784 - 1812 & creator of Colvill Mortification.

Commerce Street           1860           extant        Previously Horner's Wynd, the name change in 1860 was much opposed.

Common Brae                 - 1822          extant      The brae (slope) leading to the town's higher common land.  Shown but unnamed on 1822 map.

Condor Drive                 + 1955          extant        After HMS Condor & built specifically for Condor personnel.

Conon Terrace             +1901-1961     extant       After the lands of Conon on which stood the Christian Chapel of St Vigeans, earliest in this area.

Convent Street              -1822          extant        From the former Abbey lands. Appears un-named on the 1822 map.

Copegate                        -1822         - 1822         One of the old names for part of High St.

Corrie Court                +1990-2002  extant

Corsar Croft                  + 1990        extant         The Corsars were major employers in Arbroath.

Covgate                          - 1822        - 1822         One of the old names for part of High St.

Cowgate                         - 1822        - 1822                "               "                "              "

Croall's Wynd                - 1822         - 1822         A small street in the Applegate area  which led to Croall's Well and abundant spring water.            Crossgate Road              + 1822         - 1901         The old name of West Keptie Street.

Crossmill Wynd              - 1822      +1961-1971     Was where the Town Mission now stands - connected East & West Mill Wynds.            

Crudie Place                   - 1971         extant          Named after Crudie Farm, still thriving today.

Culloden Crescent          1946 ?        extant          The owner of Culloden Farm may have fought at the Battle of Culloden in 1746.            

Culloden Road                - 1961         extant                   "                "            "

Culloden Terrace           - 1961         extant                   "                "            "



Dale Court                      2002          extant         After the Dale Cottage Industrial School, on this site 1853 to 1983.

Dalhousie Place               -1901         extant         George Ramsey (Baron Panmure) became the Earl of Dalhousie.  Previously named Lochshade.

Danger Point                   -------        extant        The German Sea (now the North Sea) has removed a few houses from here over the years.

Demondale Place         +1990-2002   extant          No demons here !  Damysdayll (dam in the dale) contained the mill water.

Demondale Road               1971          extant                     "                         "                      "                   "              "

Denfield Gardens             1971          extant         From Denfield Farm, once close by.

Denley Court               +1990-2002   extant         From Denley Farm, once close by.

Denley Gardens               -1990         extant                       "                           "

Dens Road                       -1901          extant

Dickfield Street             -1901           1972          James Dick, who owned land west of the harbour.

Dickmont Place            +1901-1961     extant        Dickmont Den is a long narrow cliff inlet, said to be named after a smuggler wrecked there.  

Dishlandtown Street      -1822          extant        Originally Dishland Town - was Dishlandtown Street in 1901.

Doig's Vennel                + 1724          -1822          Probably after Arbroath's first Town Clerk in 1724        


Donaldsons Acre         +1990-2002    extant

Doocot Park                +1990-2002    extant        Probably from Hospitalfield Estate's Doocots (Dovecots).

Doocot Place               +1972-1990     extant               "                    "                   "                  "

Dorward Place                                     1966         Probably from the dwelling of the keeper of the Abbey's north entrance.

Douglas Avenue           +1990-2002    extant

Drostan Terrace         +1901-1961      extant       An unknown Pict whose name is engraved on the Drostan Stone (St Vigeans Museum).                       Duke Street                  +1912            extant       Possibly after Rev. Dr. Wm. Duke, minister of St Vigeans 1859 - 1912

Duncan Avenue            +1901-1961     extant       Sir James Duncan of Jordanstone, MP for South Angus.

Dundee Road                   -------         extant        Probably the best way to get to Dundee.




East Abbey Street                            extant        Previously 'Back Abbey Street'. Named from former Abbey lands.

East Grimsby                 -1822           extant       A name resurrected after the completion of the inner relief road.                  

East Kirkton Road         -1990            extant     Kirkton Farm stood in this area. Also close to the 'kirk town of St Vigeans'. Extended before 2002.

East Mary Street          -1901            extant     'Sichars' became East Mary St. & Dickfield Street.  Became entirely East Mary Street after 1972.

East Mill Wynd              -1822           -1971         Ran north from Guthrie Port - now Dens Industrial Estate.

East Muirlands Road                          extant       Once part of the town moor, or common grazing. A farm of this name existed here.

East Newgate             +1822-1901     extant       Built on Newgate Estate.

East Wynd                     -1822           -1901         Seagate, the original east entrance to the town, was for a time East Wynd.

Echo Croft                    -1990 ?         extant       Cul-de-sac shown but not named on 1990 street plan.

Edradour Gardens       +1901-1961     extant       Edradour House was in Pitlochry, the home of Archibald Briggs, an Arbroath tar producer.

Edradour Place            +1990-2002   extant               "           "         "         "


Eleemosynary Street     -1822           -1822       The early north end of High Street, also for a time named Rotten Row. Alms given to the poor here.

Elgin Place                     +1822        +1859-1901

Ella Cargill Place            +1972           -1990        Cul de Sac off Kirkton Road. Existed 1990 - but had it been named then ?

Elliot Place                  +1822-1901     extant      )  Mrs Pennycook owned the land on which these streets were built. Her maiden name was Elliot.       Elliot Street               +1822-1901     extant      )                                        


Elm Brae                      1946-1990    extant      ) Was approach road to Elm Hill. Extended between 1972 & 1990, now has access from Cairnie St.  

Elm Grove                        1946          extant      ) Pre-fabs 1946-1967.                  

Elm Hill                            1946          extant      )           "                  

Elm Park                     +1990-2002    extant      )                  

Elm Path                           1946         extant      ) Pre-fabs 1946-1967.                      

Elmbank Crescent            1946          extant      )          "      

Elmfield Avenue               1946          extant      )          "                         All of these street names derive from 'The Elms' mansion house, Cairnie.


Emislaw Drive                   1963         extant       From the former local farm.

Emislaw Path                    1963          extant       Not really a street - a group of houses between Emislaw Drive & Westway.                                                    


Ernest Street             +1822-1901    extant       Ernest Duke, son of Rev. Dr. William Duke, Minister at St Vigeans 1859 - 1912.

Ethie Place                  +1961-1971     extant      )    Both of these streets named from Ethie Estate.

Ethie Terrace             +1961-1971      extant     )


old & new

C - E

Built            Demolished                                             Remarks

                 or renamed

= renamed


= no longer exists

Much information on these three pages is summarised from 'The Streets of Arbroath', copyright Lawrence R. Burness 1992, Herald Press.

-   =  before

+   =  after


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