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F - O

Fairfield                              +1961-1971        extant

Fairport Road                      +1961-1971        extant         Arbroath was 'Fairport' in Sir Walter Scott's 'The Antiquary'.

Falkland Drive                     +1948-1952       extant         After the British naval victory.                      

Fergus Square  )                 +1822-1901        extant         The 'Fergustown' area was being developed on the 1822 map.

Fergus Street    )                    -1822           part exits     Once ran to Cairnie Street.   Rev.David Ferguson, minister of Farnell in the 1700s, owned Lochlands lands.

Fisheracre                               -1822           extant          1970 map is 1st I have naming it as a street !  Land of the person arranging food supply to the Abbey during Lent.

Flairs Avenue                      +1972-1990       extant          'The Flairs' (floors) are flattish rocks extending seawrds from the base of the cliffs.

Forbes Place                       +1990-2002       extant

Fore Abbey Street                 -1822             -1901           Became West Abbey Street.

Forfar Road                            -1822             -1961           1822 & 1901 maps show F. Road in to Cairnie Loan.  From that point out to Keptie Rd became Cairnie Rd. pre 1961.

Foxtrot Crescent                   1972 (?)                             The SW vestige of Ladyloan - perhaps 'Old Ladyloan' would have made more sense.

Fraser Path   )                         1963              extant

Fraser Place    )                       1963              extant        Not far from Hospitalfield Estate - named in honour of the Fraser family, major Arbroath employers.


Gallowden Avenue   )                1971               extant

Gallowden Crescent  )              1971               extant

Gallowden Road          )            -1901              extant        Gallowden Farm stood on a site reputed to be a former place of execution. Shown but unnamed on 1901 map.

Garden Street                    +1822-1901         extant        Named after garden land once worked by a Mr Jamieson.

Gardner Lane                      +1972-1990        extant         Provost D. A. Gardner.    

Gedy Place                              1952               extant        Abbot John Gedy had Arbroath's first (wooden) harbour built in 1394.

George Street                     +1822-1901        extant        Named after lands first fued by George Carey.

Gerrard Place                      +1972-1990        extant

Glamis Road                         +1972-1990        extant       After the seat of the Earl of Strathmore & Kinghorne.

Glebe Road                          +1972-1990        extant        In the vicinity of the glebe (plot of land) of the minister of St Vigeans.

Glenesk Avenue  )                +1901-1961         extant

Glenesk Place       )              +1901-1961         extant        After Glen Esk.      

Glenisla Drive                      +1901-1961         extant        After Glen Isla.

Glenmoy Place                      +1901-1961         extant        After Glen Moy.

Glenogil Drive                      +1901-1961         extant        After Glen Ogil.

Glover Street                     - 1822               + 1901          Built on land belonging to the Incorporated Trade of Glovers.  TC compulsory purchase of properties 1966.

Gowan Place   )

Gowan Street  )                                                                Rev. John Gowans was minister of Lunan Parish between 1790 & 1821.  Was this originally named Green St. ?

Grampian Gardens                                                            After the Grampian Mountains.

Grange Path   )

Grange Place    )

Grange Road      )                                                             After former farm lands of New Grange.

Grant Road                                                                      Colin Grant of Woodside, shoe manuf'r & Provost 1895-1898. (Was Bog Lane).

Gravesend                                                                       The town's earlier burial ground.

Great Michael Road               + 1961                                Named after the battleship.  Built for HMS Condor personnel.

Green Street       2 have existed, one nth, one sth of Keptie St. Both appear on 1822 map, but only the northerly one on the 1859 map. From pasture lands once there.

Greenbank -                                                                     Was situated behind St Andrews Church. Steep steps led up from Lillies Wynd.

Greig Crescent

Grimsby                                - 1445

Grimsby Place -                                                                Built on the lands of Grimsby.

Guthrie Hill   )

Guthrie Port   )                                                                Named after a landowner from the 1600s.  See 1901 map below.

Hamilton Green   )                                                           See 1901 map below

Hamilton Street   )                                                         After a family with long Abbey connections.

Hannah Street -                    - 1822               1971  ?      Hannah Dick, daughter of James Dick who owned land just west of the harbour. TC compulsory purchase 1966.

Harry Farmer Court -              19--                                  Henry Anderson Farmer was a town councillor from 1954 -1975.

Hawthorn Place -                    1973 ?                               One of several streets simply named after trees.

Hay Terrace )

Hay's Lane     )                         18--                                 Alexander Hay, Provost from 1805 - 1808.

Hayshead Road                                                                After the head of the meadow lands N.E. of the Abbey, known as The Hays.

Hayswell Road                                                                  After a spring in the Carnegie Park..

Helen Street                     + 1822 - 1859       extant       Helen Lindsay, daughter of Robert Lindsay.

Hepburn Crescent )

Hepburn Place         )                                                       Abbot George Hepburn, a soldier/prelate. He died at the Battle of Flodden.

Herald Avenue

Hercules Place  )

Hercules Road    )                                                            From Hercules Den, now a fine woodland walk.

High Street                                                                    The main street - was Eleemosynary St, Rotten Row, Cob/Cope/Cov/Cowgate.

Hill Place      )

Hill Road        )

Hill Street      )

Hill Terrace     )                                                              All near the Boulzie Hill.  Hill Terrace was School Braes.

Hillend Road                                                                    On the site of Hillend Farm at the south end of Keptie Hill.

Hope Street                                                                    Hope Kyd, daughter of John Kyd.

Horner's Wynd                     - 1822               1860          Nicholas Horner, a leading town Burgess in the 1400s. Now Commerce St.

Horner's Wynd Bridge                                                     Now Brothock Bridge.                                        

Horologe Hill                         + 1753                                South Tarry mansion house stood here. It's sundial suggested horology.

Hospitalfield Gardens)

Hospitalfield Place      )

Hospitalfield Road       )                                                  The Hospital of St John was a plague & leprosy isolation hospital for the Abbey.

Howard Street                                                               The maiden name of the wife of Sir John Ogilvie.

Hume Street                          18--                                   Joseph Hume, MP for the Montrose Burghs in 1830.

Hunter Road  


Inchcape Road                                                                 After the first Lord Inchcape.


James Chalmers Road           post 1960                           Inventor of the adhesive postage stamp & uniform postage rate.

James Street                                                                 James Watson of Towerbank House.  See 1901 map below.

Jamieson Street                                                             Garden land at this location was worked by a Mr. Jamieson. Was 'The Pleasance'.

John Allan Place

John Street          )

John Street East    )                                                       John Street was John Street East. John Butchart owned Newgate House.


Kaim's Croft

Keith Rigg

Keptie Road    )

Keptie Street   )

Kinghorne Street                                                            After the family of the Earl of Glamis & Kinghorne.

King's Drive                             1935 ?                             Built around the time of King George V and Queen Mary's Silver Jubilee.

Kinloch Street                                                                 Gaelic 'cean lochan' means 'the head of the wee loch' i.e. Keptie Pond.

Kinnaird Street                                                               Marks the wedding of Lord Kinnaird's daughter to a Baronet of Inverquharity.

Kirk Square )

Kirk Wynd     )                       pre 1580           1890s        Kirk Wynd (widened in 1860) by the '90s had became Kirk Square.

Kirkstyle -

Kirkton Place  )

Kirkton Road    )                                                              From the Kirkton (church town) of St Vigeans.

Kyd Street                                                                      John Kyd was the Laird of Muirlands.

Lady Bridge                                                                      A bridge over the Brothock Burn & named after the Lady Chapel close by.

Ladybridge Street                                                          This led to the Lady Chapel, the Parish Church of Arbroath.  Was New Wynd.

Ladyloan                               post 1725                            Prior to 1725 known  as The Highway & later Old Mercatgait - led to the Lady Chapel.

Lamb Terrace                                                                   John Lamb, Arbroath's Provost 1724.

Lamley Terrace -                     1952                                 Randolphus de Lamley, the Abbey's 4th Abbot 1225 - 1239.

Largo Street                        post 1961                             Fife birthplace of Alex. Selkirk, auth. of Robinson Crusoe. Built for Condor folk.

Lauder Road

Leach Close

Leonard Street                                                                One of 3 sons of Rev Dr Wm Duke, St Vigeans minister. All 3 name 'Hays' streets.

Lethnot Road                         post 1961                           After Glen Lethnot.

Lillies Wynd (see        )                                                     From Guthrie Port to foot of Bog Lane (Grant Rd). After Wm Lilley wood merchant.

Lindsay Street                                                                 Robert Lindsay of Almerlieclose Estate.

Linton Road                                                                      Bernard de Linton drew up the Decl. of Arbroath. Chancellor of Scotland & Abbot.

Lochlands Drive )                                                             Built on the Estate of Lochlands.

Lochlands Gardens )

Lochlands Park     )

Lochlands Street   )                                                         Lochs lay in the hollows east of the Keptie Hills.  Was Stobcross Road.

Lochshade                                                                        Old name of Dalhousie Place, by Keptie Pond.

Long Row  (see         )           pre 1822           + 1965        An old side shoot of Guthrie Port now gone. Site of Arbroath's last gas street lamp

Lordburn / Lordburngate      pre 1445                              Perhaps 'lower burn', a tributary to the Brothock used by a cider brewer.

Lowe Place -


Maple Gardens                          1973 ?                             One of several streets simply named after trees.

Market Place                                                                    Where the markets were originally held.

Marketgate                            pre 1445                             The gait leading to the Market place.

Mary Street                           pre 1822                           Became West Mary Street

Maule Street                     1822 to 1832                         Family name of Baron Panmure. Once reached as far as James Street.

Mayfield Terrace                                                             From an earlier local Villa.

McGregors Walk -

Millfield Place  )

Millfield Road    )                                                             From earlier Millfield Farm.

Millgate                                  pre 1445                           The gait leading to the nearby burgh meal mill.

Millgate Loan                                                                   The lane leading to Millgate.  TC compulsory purchased part 1966.

Moir Place                                                                       James Kyd Moir was Provost of Arbroath from 1954 to 1957.

Monkbarns Avenue  )

Monkbarns Drive       )                                                     From Monkbarns House, perhaps an Abbey property, now a rest home.

Montrose Road                                                                Leads to Montrose !

Monymusk Road                                                               A district in Aberdeenshire owned by the Abbey.

Morley Place                                                                    John Morley 1838-1923. Liberal MP for the Montrose Burghs 1896-1908.

Mount Zion Brae                                                              A nickname for a lane leading to Ladyloan Free Church. adopted 50 years later.

Muirlands Place       )

Muirlands Crescent   )

Muirton Road              )                                                    All relate to the town moor or common grazing.

Murray Place                               - 1935                          John Murray, farmer & contractor of Rosebrae. Vanished under Queens Drive.


Nectan Terrace                                                               Nectan, King of the Picts defeated the Angles on Dunnichen Hill in 685.                

Ness Drive                            post 1961                           Whiting Ness is the first cliff headland north of Arbroath.

Neville Street

New Marketgate                   pre 1445      

New Wynd                                                                       Became Ladybridge Street.

Newbigging Drive                      1963                               After an earlier farm in this area.

Newgate                              pre 1445

Newton Avenue   )                    1963               extant

Newton Crescent   )                 1963               extant

Newton Place            )                                                      After an earlier farm in this area.

Nolt Loan Road                                                                Loan along which the herdsmen drove the nowt (cattle) to Muirlands grazing.

Noran Avenue                                                                  Arbroath's water supply comes from the Noran Water, a South Esk tributary.

North Grimsby                      pre 1822                            Name revived on building the dual carriageway. Was The Water Passage.

North Newgate Street                                                    Became Union Street East.

North Port                                                                      The old town's northern entrance.


Ogilvie Place   )

Ogilvie Street   )                                                             Sir John Ogilvy, the ninth Baronet.

Oliver Place

Old Mercatgait                                                                Previously known as 'The Highway', Old Mercatgait itself became Ladyloan.

Old Shorehead                                                                Site of the original haven.

Orchard Street                                                               Site of the Abbey orchards.

Osbourne Terrace

Built     Demolished/Renamed                         Remarks

= renamed


= no longer exists


-  =  before

+  =  after


Long Row has gone, except this building - it's the one marked      on the map (left)

Image copyright Derek Robertson

See today's Millgate

       Linton Road note: From 1726 to 1988 it was presumed that Abbot Bernard (who was also Chancellor of Scotland) was Bernard de Linton, parson from Berwickshire. This is no longer thought to be true, so 'Linton' Road appears to be a misnomer