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Palmer Street                                                           After Doctor Palmer.

Panmure Street                  - 1813                             Baron Panmure, MP for Forfarshire. Linked Lordburn & Bridge St.

Park Street                                                               A yarn drying area, now the Bus Station. A bit of Park St. remains, off Gravesend.

Park View           )

Parkview Gardens )                                                    Overlooks the open area between Kirkton & Cairnie.

Patrick-Allan Fraser St.                                             Patrick Allan married Elizabeth Fraser in 1843.

Peasiehill Road                                                            After Peasiehill Farm, now Elliot Industrial Estate.

Ponderlaw Lane     )

Ponderlaw Street                + 1753                            Pundirlaw. The pounder here only released stray cattle on payment.

Princes Street                                                          One of a rash of streets named with royal connotations.

Priory Crescent                                                         From former Abbey lands.

Prosen Drive                        + 1961                            From Angus's Glen Prosen.

Provost Chapel Road                                                  Provost David Chapel, the last before local Gov. changes in 1973.

Provost Close                                                             Provost Ochterlony gave his title to this close.


Queen Street                                                            Another regally named street.

Queens Drive                       1935 ?                           Built about the time of King George V & Queen Mary's Silver Jubilee.


Reform Street                     1830                             An extension of Maule St named after that year's Reform Act.

Riggend Road

Robert Lindsay Place

Robert Street                                                           Robert Lindsay of Almerieclose Estate. (See Lindsay St.)

Rose Street


Roseberry Place                                                         Archibald Philip Primrose, 4th Earl of Rosebery, 1847-1929.

Rosebrae                                                                   Was where the Infirmary is now.

Rosefield Place                     1963                              From a local villa.

Rosemount Road

Roseville Place                                                           From a local villa.

Rossie Street                                                            Horatio Ross of Rossie, 1st MP from Montrose Burghs to the Reformed Parliament of 1832.


Rotten Row                         - 1445                             Old name for upper High Street. See also Eleemosynary Street.

Rowan Path                           1973 ?                           One of several streets simply named after trees.

Russell Square  )

Russell Street    )                                                      Lord John (1st Earl) Russell who introduced the Reform Act of 1832.


St Abbs Road                                                            Ebba, 7th century, founded monastic community at St Abbs Head.

St Andrew's Crescent                                              The Patron Saint of Scotland.

St Mary Street                                                        Mary Lindsay, Robert's daughter.Saint added to differ from Mary St.

St Murdoch's Crescent      1950                               After the Saint, whose chapel ruins can be seen north of Red Head.

St Ninian's Road                                                       A chapel to Ninian existed near the Ness.

St Thomas Crescent                                                 St Thomas-a-Becket, Patron Saint of Arbroath Abbey.

St Thomas Street                                                    Ext'n of East Abbey St., ran right up to the Abbey itself.

St Vigeans Gardens )

St Vigeans Brae        )

St Vigeans Road         )                                              St Fechin, perhaps buried close to the church. Died 1012.

Salisbury Place                                                          Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne Cecil, 3rd Marquis of Salisbury.

School Brae                                                               Led to the High School (now Public Library).  Is now Hill Terrace.

School Hill                        1573-1860

School Road                                                               Leads to Muirfield School.

School Wynd                                                             Led from High St to the High School ( now the Library)

Scott Gardens

Seafield Road

Seagate                              - 1445                            Original east entrance to the burgh. Became East Wynd for a time.

Seaton Place )

Seaton Road   )                                                          Led to Seaton House.

Shambles Bridge                - 1822                             Was horners Wynd Bridge, became Brothock Bridge.

Shanks Rigg                                                               Alexander Shanks, inventor of the 1st effective lawnmower.

Shepherd Lane                                                          George S. Shepherd, Herald Editor & entertainer.

Shore                                                                        Guess !

Sidlaw Avenue                                                           From the Sidlaw Hills, north of Dundee.

Sidney Street                                                           Sidney Duke, son of Rev Wm Duke, St Vigeans minister.

Sir William Smith Road      + 1960                            Founder of the Boys Brigade.

Smithy Croft                                                            The Abbey Smithy. The street was re-sited after WW2.

South Grimsby                   + 1753                             Built on the lands of Grimsby.

South Street                                                            Built as an extension of Seagate.

Southern Close

Spink Path                                                                Robert Ritchie Spink was Provost from 1964 to 1973.

Spink Street                                                            After Robert Lindsay's wife whose maiden name was Spink.

Spitalfield Place                  1963                             A reference to the old home of the Fraser family, Hospitalfield.

Springfield Terrace                                                 Springfield House, whose grounds became Springfield Park.

Stanley Street                                                         After John Walker's Stanley Works. Family name of Earl of Derby.

Steading Place

Stobcross                           - 1753

Stobcross Bridge                                                      Wooden bridge which replaced Cellarer's Ford. (Corruption of St Abbs Cross).

Stobcross Lane                                                         Became Wellgate.

Stobcross Road                                                        Became Lochlands Street.

Stoneycroft Lane                                                     Stoneycroft was the old name of Gayfield

Strachan Street                                                       Built on C.C. Strachan Carnegie of Tarrie's land.

Strathairlie Avenue         +1990-2002    extant        Replaced the south ends of Strathmore Avenue & Airlie Crescent. Named from both streets.

Strathmore Avenue                                                  From the Angus strath. Gaelic for big valley.

Stuart Street                                                          From the first feuer of that name.

Sycamore Path                     1973 ?                          One of several streets simply named after trees.

Tarry Dykes                                                              Probably the boundary of North Tarry Farm.

Tarry Road                                                                Led to North Tarry Farm.

The Coachhouse

The Highway                                                             Became Old Mercatgait & later Ladyloan.

The Pleasance                                                           Became Jamieson Street.

The Siccars / Sichars                                               James Dick's land, west of the harbour. Nth end becomes E. Mary St, sth end Dickfield St.

The Steading

The Water Passage                                                  The old name for North Grimsby.

Thornton Gardens                                                     Frank Thornton, last senior Bailie before local gov. changes 1975.

Timbergreen                                                             Mis-spelling of Timmergreen.

Townhead                            - 1822                           What is now Barn Green & North Port.

Townhead Road                                                         Leads to the head of the town.


Union Street

Union Street East                                                    Was North Newgate Street which probably linked E & W Newgate.


Victoria Street                                                        Queen Victoria.

Viewfield Road                                                          Led to Viewfield House.

Walker Place                                                            John Walker, mill owner.

Wallace Street     The old Wallace St. (TC compulsory purchase 1966) ran between Millgate Loan & Ladyloan.

Wallace Street

Warddykes Avenue )

Warddykes Path       )

Warddykes Road        )                                             Warddykes Farm, now gone. Possibly a town wall existed.

Wardmill Road  (1)           +1822-1901      -1961         From a Ward lands mill of the Abbey. Was where Barnets Brae ran to Bog Lane/Lillies Wynd.

Wardmill Road  (2)          +1961+1971       extant       Was West Mill Wynd. Extended to meet Dens Road between 1972 & 1990.

Warslap Avenue                                                        Ware slap (seaweed) abounds just across the West Common.

Waverley Terrace                                                     From Sir Walter Scott's Waverley novels.

Weavers Close

Webster Court                                                          John F. Webster was Arbroath's Provost 1949 - 1954.

Wellgate                                                                   Was Stobcross Lane.

Wesley Gardens                                                        John Wesley,  St John's Wesleyan Church was built in 1772.

West Abbey Street                                                 Was Fore Abbey Street.

West Grimsby                                                          Vestige of the old street ran which from Shore to West Port.

West John Street                                                    Seems to have become John Street West !

West Keptie Street                                                 Was Crossgate Road.

West Mary Street               -1822            1971        Was simply Mary Street before East Mary St. was named. Fell when inner relief road built.

West Mill Wynd                  - 1822            1969        Existed where the Town Mission is now situated. Wardmill Road now follows this line.

West Newgate                    - 1800                            Built on Newgate Estate.

West Port                                                                 The western entrance to the town.

Westhaven Gardens            -1997          extant         After the boat carrying four fishermen lost in the North Sea on the 10th March 1997.

Westway                            1961-62       extant         Designed as a by-pass, it stopped for a game of cricket. See below.

William Petrie Way

Williamson Court

Built          Demolished/Renamed                         Remarks

= renamed


= no longer exists
















                                                                                                                 Keptie Road


                                                      Westway                   Viewfield Road



no Timmergreens

or Hospitalfield

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Wardmill Road (1)