Castillo De La Estrella view from window A, Nov 20 Sheil & Betty by the Bruce-Douglas Stone, Teba Nov Castillo De La Estrella view from window B, Nov 20 Castillo De La Estrella, Nov 2007




Bruce-Douglas Stone, Teba Nov 2007

A long way from Arbroath is

the Andalucian town of Teba

- but there is a link. Sir James

Douglas, one of the signatories of

the Declaration of Arbroath in 1320

is to be found 10 years later carrying

in a silver casket the heart of the Bruce  

to the Holy Land. On route he offers the services of his army to King Alfonso X1

in an attempt to oust the Moors from the

Castillo de la Estrella. In his last battle

'The Black Douglas' is slain although

the casket containing Bruce's heart is

retreived & returned to Scotland, to be

buried within Melrose Abbey in accordance with the wishes of Bruce's son, King David 11. A later crusading army under the Earl of Selkirk brings with them a one ton slab of Dumfries - shire marble which today remains as a commemoration of Scottish assistance to Christian Spain & enjoys pride of place in the renamed 'Plaza de Douglas'.

It is not however until 1389 that the Castillo de la Estrella (Castle of the star) is finally wrested from Moorish hands.

Sheila & Betty, Teba centro, Nov 2007

1330 (Aug 25)

Brian reads the Bruce-Douglas Stone, Teba Nov 2007

The editor, his wife & his cousin, visit Teba, Andalucia in November 2007

Castillo De La Estrella interior, Nov 2007 Castillo de La Estrella info board, Nov 2007 Teba, Andalucia

Arbroath  3,056 kilometres

Castillo de la Estrella as it was Black Douglas - the last battle - Teba 1330

   (above) Sir James Douglas in the

    heat of battle

   (below) The Castillo de la Estrella

   as it would have appeared in 1330

    ***paintings by Andrew Spratt***

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